Pablo Sandoval… talks to his bat.

The conversation looks pretty intense. I imagine that the bat made some snarky remark that Panda was not happy about, especially during his minor slump. He may have threatened to eat the bat like a stalk of bamboo if it didn’t cooperate.

I believe that the threat worked, seeing that Pablo hits back-to-back dingerz following their debate.


Brandon Belt didn’t look too happy during the first half of the interview. I guess it’s understandable since they literally had to pull a win out of their asses against the ASTROS. But leave it to Kruk and Kuip to finally pop a smile on his face when they change the subject to the shirts Belt’s parents were wearing.

Duane Kuiper: "If awkward means four hits and a home run, can we just stay that way?“

Brandon Belt: "Yeah, I’d love to stay that way. I know I can be as awkward as anybody.”

Duane Kuiper: “There we go baby… Nice job.”


More from Ryan Vogelsong and how it feels to be in a dream he hasn’t yet woken up from.

“To feel trust from the coaching staff, your teammates, the fans… No matter the situation that you’re gonna go out and get the job down, I mean, that motivates you in itself.

My journey has been well-chronicled now; you know, I didn’t do it alone.

I’ve tried to stay the same, but I feels good… I don’t know how to say it, but it feels good to be counted on.”


Yesterday was November 1st, the year anniversary of winning the World Series. Did you have a sense of nostalgia on that day in particular, on November 1st?

Buster: Hahaha, it’s kinda hard down here [in Arizona] right now… Maybe if we’ve been up in San Fran, we might have.

Hey Buster, I think we know the real reason why you started laughing. Because nine months later…