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“Ben Haggerty is an independent Irish rapper from Seattle. No. That’s not something you see everyday. Before becoming the Macklemore we all know, Ben wanted to reach out to the younger generation so he worked in a program that had facilitated music workshops for the kids. He’s been working in the studio for so many years to get to where he is right now. And it’s not for the fame- it’s to express his passion for people, for music, and for the art of rap. He’s one of the most rare rappers that doesn’t care for girls or money or sex.. he just wants to brighten someone else’s day. How do I know this? His music. His past life. The fact that he overcame drug/alcohol addiction but messed up out of the blue and let society know about his mistake. He let all of his fans struggling through the same addiction know that it’s okay to slip as long as you don’t give up.  The fact that he uses an old typewriter to write his lyrics because he believes everything he writes shouldn’t be deleted or re-written. The fact that one of his goals is to show others that the genre of rap isn’t full of stereotypical people. When Same Love- a song written for gay rights- was open to the public he didn’t care if his homophobic fans disappeared because he knew that that was what had to be said. Ben Haggerty doesn’t care about the people who say that underground rap is more respectable than rap on the radio or if rap on the radio is more popular than underground rap- he believes that real music is something that touches the heart no matter where it is heard. He sees importance in believing in where you come from, having laughter even on the roughest days, and never losing the thought of who you are. Before judging Macklemore as just another white rapper- please think again.”



Here is a really funny video that made me laugh like crazy, in it they are annoucing the tour.


Which one of you is going?

PS: I can’t believe they are doing The Staple Center x The TD Garden :-). Mama is proud lol


Tour Dates: http://macklemore.com/shows

I just had to repost this text written by Colin, you’ll understand why :

“i don’t really understand why macklemore is getting so much hate from some parts of tumblr now

it’s really upsetting, to be honest?? because he is a person. a good person. like you and i.

ben haggerty struggled with alcohol and drug abuse throughout his life but made the decision to go clean. he’s been clean for years now and he still struggles with it, but he always manages to fight it and stop himself. 

ben haggerty is white and straight yes, but he’s using the talent and fame he has to try to let his listeners know that it’s okay to be gay and that gay marriage won’t just magically get rid of homophobia. he’s not trying to worm his way into the lgbtq community and relate to them, he’s trying to tell homophobes to fuck off, live and let live 

ben haggerty stands for the people who can’t afford to see his concerts. thrift shop isn’t just a song about popping tags and wearing grandpa’s clothes, it’s also about spreading the message that they, if you can only afford used thrift shop clothes, that’s cool. do what you have to do to survive, you’re still a star to him. 

ben haggerty loves his home city. and his state. seattle washington may not be something all of us can get excited about, but for me? and for others that are homesick or love that city more than anything? he is practically god for rapping about it and the mariners. 

in case you all haven’t noticed, ben haggerty doesn’t care about his status as “celebrity”. he still openly projects his silly and caring personality, he still smiles for the camera, he still says hello to his fans (shit he throws a pizza party for them annually), he still put his story out there in hopes of inspiring anyone that is struggling. 

it just seems really pointless to me to hate someone that’s so iconic, and worthy of that status as role model. ”



When we say art work, this is good too. This is amazing. macklemore posted it on facebook