My favourite photos of me as Montmartre~! Ahhhh she’s such an awesome character and chirart and thelastdogfighter are total geniuses and I love Chira’s characters designs and art so much!!

Anyways, super thanks to plomcosplay’s Lemonaid for letting me use these on my personal blog. We’ll be posting some of our other amazing cosplays from this year’s Tsukino-Con on the main cosplay group page.


YAy, got my photos from this week’s slovak convention AnimeShow ‘16! Thank you very much @foxinwoods, for letting me to use them here and for taking them (and also for positioning my awkward self in front of camera. Also… how to tie a cravat? I failed miserably. :’D ) ! I absolutely love them, they are all awesome!

I went to this convention as Luca Valentino, a character from amazing webcomics Sfeer Theory by @chirart and @thelastdogfighter! If you don’t know the comics, I strongly recommend to read it - the plot, story, characters and everything about it is great and the artwork is absolutely stunning! :)

Aaand…. I’ll probably post more of the photos from convention soon with some other cosplays as well! :)

Today’s scratchpad. One bit of stupidity (lower left), three speed doodles: upper left, style experiment; upper right, sfx experiment (and just ‘cause I hadn’t drawn Feferi before), lower right, exercise in pulling a limited palette from a still life photo.

Each of these took very little time. Good to know I can rough a color illo idea out quick like this if needed.

I guess this is sort of like training.

(apologies to @honhonhon for not getting the hair entire head right, let’s just say it’s a cosplayer)

And next is Luca Valentino from “Sfeer theory” by Chira and Muun /o/

Sfeer Theory is one of my favorite webcomic, you should really check it out if you hadn’t read it yet =D !!

I’m happy to have decided to pratice using other people OC since it’s easier to understand what’s working or not. Surprisingly, it was my own art style that was the most difficult to handle .__.;;

Thousand-leaves@ Jo Chen c'est quand même un autre niveau hein XD;;;;; Je ne suis qu'une petite souris qui gratouille du papier à côté.

I read a ton of webcomics so i thought it was about time i made a list;

[bold] - my favourites
[ * ] - hasn’t updated in a while/is no longer updating
[ < ] - has particularly amazing/unusual art
[ = ] -  has a really interesting/complex storyline.
[ : ] - is hilarious

(This is all only my personal opinion by the way)

Unsounded =

A Redtail’s Dream * < =

Lackadaisy < =

Ava’s Demon < =

Stand Still, Stay Silent < =

Nimona ;

Johnny Wander ;

Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name * =

Fishbones *

M. F. K.

Run Freak Run < =

The Meek * =

The Fox Sister

Saint for Rent

Hark! A Vagrant ;

Sfeer Theory

Temujin * <

Everblue = 


Alpha Flag <

Judecca =

Necropolis <

That’s it, but I’ve probably forgotten some..

Anyway, i hope this helps some people!