Today’s scratchpad. One bit of stupidity (lower left), three speed doodles: upper left, style experiment; upper right, sfx experiment (and just ‘cause I hadn’t drawn Feferi before), lower right, exercise in pulling a limited palette from a still life photo.

Each of these took very little time. Good to know I can rough a color illo idea out quick like this if needed.

I guess this is sort of like training.

(apologies to @honhonhon for not getting the hair entire head right, let’s just say it’s a cosplayer)

anonymous asked:

I know there's tons going on but I wanna thank you for the way you portrayed Nens struggle with his sexuality and stuff like, LGBT people don't get tons of representation and when we do it's usually "out and proud" characters.. I like that Nen got to wrestle with it.. I also wanted to ask (and I've probably asked before but) do you know of anymore good LGBT+ webtoons or comics in general? I'd like to start reading more comics, but I only really like your writing I've noticed...

Thank you, nonnie! 

Honestly, I never thought Nen’s situation would be a big thing? I mean, I felt like his and Gawain’s (and all the characters’ struggles) were just real things, and in my headspace it seemed very normal to have such feelings and reactions.

It wasn’t until I got messages on the subject that I realized how many readers were able to relate to Nen in particular.

I mean, I’m sure I’m not the first to have such a character, but right now I’m just really glad he exists because he’s made me learn a lot of things about so many wonderful people <3

As for comic recs, I’m on mobile so forgive me for not including links! Here are some I enjoy quite a lot:

- Starfighter by Hamletmachine (adult content)

- It’s Always Raining Here by Hazel and Bell

- Knights Errant by Jennifer Doyle (16+yrs)

- Sfeer Theory by Chira

- Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu

- Always Human by Walkingnorth

rwsjohnson  asked:

Do you have any webcomic recommendations/what webcomics do you read, if any? What do you think makes a good webcomic?

HMMMMM, my favorite webcomics…a lot of the stuff under the Hiveworks umbrella, so here are all the ones I like on there:

Paranatural | Sakana | The Meek | Mare Internvm (Viewer Discretion Advised) | Agents of the Realm | Sfeer Theory | Never Satisfied | Blackgrass | Wilde Life | Clockwork | Monsterkind

You can seek those out on the Hiveworks website…gives me less linking to do. @v@ But I also like Neo-KosmosOMG Check Please!, Earthsong, Cybergem, Various Everythings, Cucumber Quest, Skin Deep, Radio Silence, The Property of Hate, Witchy, and The Substitutes

Wow!  Didn’t realize how many there were until I wrote ‘em all out like that!  There are also quite a few I used to read when I was younger which I can’t quite recall now, but these are my current faves. :>

I think what makes a good webcomic is probably the same as what makes any sequential art story good: compelling characters, a good story, all that jazz.  I think they’re special, though, in that you don’t have to be “”good enough”” when you start.  So even beginners (young or old) can grow a following if they’re dedicated and their concept is good.  And because they have to be prolific and speedy for regular updates, they improve fast, so by chapter ten you don’t even recognize the style.  

And there’s so much room for experimentation in the medium!  Animations, interactive pages, all sorts of cool stuff!  In short, webcomics have a special place in my heart.  Not really what you were asking, though?  Uh, I guess one of the most important things is that the artist has dedication.  If you can’t keep a schedule, you’re gonna have a bad time and so will your readers.