DARKNESS & SILENCE: a mix low, dark mix for the vastness, the void & the deafening silence swallowing every sounds you could make (“In space, no one can hear you scream.”) 

i.a lifetime of losing - clinton shorter // ii.scanning for life forms - sabled sun // iii.dead space theme - jason graves // iv.eden prime - jack wall & sam hulick // v.signal - clinton shorter // vi.code red - john murphy // vii.the wormhole - hans zimmer // viii.dark star origins - parhelion // ix.tranquility - sabled sun // x.are you receiving? - clint mansell // xi.no need to come back - hans zimmer // xii.freezing inside: mace - john murphy // xiii.bothy - mica levi // xiv.never leave - hecq // xv.the ardat yakshi - cris velasco & sasha dikiciyan


YA LIT MEME REDUX [2/5] characters

i miss the stella girls telling me what i am. that i’m sweet and placid and accommodating and loyal and nonthreatening and good to have around. and mia. i want her to say, “frankie, you’re silly, you’re lazy, you’re talented, you’re passionate, you’re restrained, you’re blossoming, you’re contrary.”

i want to be an adjective again. but i’m a noun.

a nothing. a nobody. a no one.

saving francesca by melina marchetta