6 facts about me

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1. i learned to play ukulele when i was in third grade and the first song i learned was im yours by jason mraz 

2. i wanna be a musical artist when i grow up which is kinda Dumb bc im terrified of talking in front of other people ?? wth @ me

3. ive never ridden on a rollercoaster

4. i had someone ask my brother if i was his mom and had another person think i was in middle school all within ten minutes today

5. when fifth harmony came onstage at the taylor swift concert i cried real emo tears

6. i have a puppy named noodle but i call her beebo sometimes

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I’m so emotional right now over Stiles because Derek says “what about you” and Stiles says “yeah if you want me to come” and Derek isn’t even talking to him but Stiles was just willing to fucking follow Derek into a death pit basically which means that even if he can’t say it out loud Stiles definitely trusted Derek to protect him. And it just shows how brave Stiles is despite his lack of werewolf powers or any powers. He is just a brave human and I am sO FUCKING EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW JFC STILES.