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Hullo, how do you think are UFSans and SFPapyrus, react to a an s/o who is pretty shy and friendly but always tries to seem buff or edgy like the skele because they admire them so much they want to mimik them a bit, like sligthly mimiking their sitting style or how they stand or wearing similiar clothing (but nothing extrem, just small things like that), but actually just end up looking sligthly dorky.

UF!Sans: He thinks it’s funny, how you’ll observe him carefully and then try to mimic his actions. Sometimes he does edgy things, like lean against a wall looking tuff as hell, just to see you try and do the same. Aaaand you fell over, heh cute. He’ll also change his position a few times every time you both sit down somewhere, just to see how you struggle to keep up and copy him. The best part is the clothes though. He loves cute and softer looking clothes, but damn you look hot in black and red with some leather thrown in for good measure. Try as you might though, you’re not at his edginess level. And after a while he’ll probably tell you to quit it and go back to your own style, stop stealing his. Whatever you end up doing, he just finds you cute. And damn if that isn’t hot too. 

SF!Papyrus: He really does not want you to act like him. Sure, it’s good because now you don’t look like the perfect victim. But he loves how much softer and friendly you are compared to him. Honestly, he might change his style completely. Just to see what the hell you’ll do when your tall and scary boyfriend is suddenly wearing normal, lighter clothes and smiling all the time. Your confusion is adorable. When he shift back again he tells you that he knows you’re trying to mimic him. He finds it cute, he really does. And if that’s who you want to be then he’s not going to stop you. But he wants you to know that you don’t have to act tuff around him, in private or in public. He’ll protect you no matter what, so you can afford to be friendly and soft spoken if you want. 

no wonder - im so surreal - having a casual sandwich - outside cuz its hot for sf - befuddled staring elderly = older than me - staring - stopping - head shake - “you’re not dave” says she - “i thought you were” - and the guy at the market calls me doc - he - thinks imma retired md - srsly - i dont correct him - but i think i woulda remembered med school - i mean - not forgetful unless it suits me - asked if she wanted a magazine - idk havent finished last weeks - maybe - no - but - if you got one i wouldnt complain - a cupola minutes later - yes get one - i call it passive aggro - she getz mad and says she just indecisive and it doesnt matter that much - the magazine - seems happy when i bring one home 

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What do the UT/MT/HT/US/UF Sans and SF Papyrus smell like/what are their distinct scents?

I Love this question.

UT! Sans: musk and ketchup. Also a hint of spice? It’s not a bad smell, actually.

UF! Sans: mustard and alcohol, a little hint of lemon. Why? Nobody knows. (He stole the fiberize)

US! Sans: lavender shampoo. He doesn’t have hair, but he still uses shampoo.

MT! Sans: some really expensive cologne, also musk. How? Who knows.

HT! Sans: blood and sweat. Still hot though. Also a lot like you, because he’s so clingy.

SF! Paps: hot sauce and Old Spice.