sf vehicle

Since a lot of you probably haven’t been introduced yet - this is my space trucker gazellebabe, Okan Kvitluk. She lives in a universe (multiverse) where FTL and travel between parallel universes in the higher dimensional space called the Bulk are by now rather common.

Okan operates a transatmospheric fighter-hauler called the Korolev Cross, from which she takes on freelance trucking work across space. A vast confederation called the Mobile Cities controls trade between universes, taking advantage of the physics of one universe to produce materials and items that are impossible to produce yet immensely useful in another.


Geschützwagen IVb Sd.Kfz 165/1 10,5cm leFn 18/1(Sf) L/28.

8-10 vehicles of this type were manufactured, and saw service on the Eastern Front, with satisfactory results. Mass-production was however never authorised.