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I am NEVER going to apologize or feel shamed for shipping something. OUAT is a fandom of ship wars and honestly?? Ship what you want. But don’t spread hate towards someone for shipping something you dislike it’s tacky and it makes you look like an ass. 

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How would Sans and papyrus react to accidentally making their S/O upset by snapping at them or saying or doing something really hurtful out of anger, and their S/O runs off and shuts themselves in their room crying. (For UT, US, UF, and SF,)

UT!Sans: Sans works a lot of jobs and sometimes it gets a little stressful. He snapped at you for telling him that he should get some food and rest and shit shit shit he didn’t mean to make you so upset. He’ll leave you alone in your room while he beats himself up for being so mean. You were just trying to look out for him. Eventually he’ll get your favorite food or snack and try and coax you out of your room. He could teleport in, but he doesn’t want to invade on your privacy. When you finally let him in he’s just going to pull you to him and apologize. You’re important to him and you made a good point in what you said, he had no right to act so harsh. Your concern is valid, he has been working himself to the bone lately. He’ll make a big show out of eating something (kinda) healthy. Then he’ll let you drag him off to bed and make sure that he gets some rest. He’s very affectionate in a way to make up for himself.

UT!Papyrus: One thing that really annoys him is laziness. If you’re the kind of person who leaves stuff laying around when you’re tired it’s going to really annoy him. But he likes you so he doesn’t want to say anything. It builds up under a long time and then suddenly he has a really bad day and he comes home to your things just thrown around the house and WHAT THE HECK HOW HARD CAN IT BE TO PICK UP YOUR STUFF?!? He regrets it as soon as he says it. And he feels even worse when he sees the tears start to well up in your eyes as you scramble off the couch and into your room. He feels so terrible and he doesn’t know how to console you so he just picks up your things and puts them in a pile on the couch. There really weren’t a lot of stuff if he’s honest, and he doesn’t know why it made him snap. He hand’t even told you that if was something that annoyed him. He’s going to knock on your door and gently apologize. Then he’ll come in and put the stuff away in their right place. When he’s done he’s going to hug you and apologize even more. He is very sorry for making you upset. He doesn’t like messes but he’s okay with a few things laying around, maybe you could compromise? The rest of the evening is spent cooking dinner and talking more about things that the both of you feel the other should know.

UF!Sans: When Sans is in a grumpy mood he is not fun to be around. Combined with Papyrus nagging at him he’s a ball of repressed anger. He’s going to be low-key aggressive and he can’t take it out on Boss, so unfortunately you might be the output for his anger sometimes. Most of the time it’s just harmless remarks and a lot of sarcasm. It’s not really mean and you both know that he doesn’t mean anything with it. But sometimes when he’s really f*cking tired and you’ve done something to really annoy him he will snap at you. He can be very mean when pushed enough. When he realizes what he’s done though, all the anger is replaced with an oh shit feeling. You’ve locked yourself in your room and he can hear you sniffle trying to be quiet. Now he’s even more mad, but at himself. He’ll leave to destroy some shit into oblivion to get rid of it. When he gets back home he’ll text you from the living room until you come out so he can apologize. After that he doesn’t bring it up again. He’s just trying to focus on being on his best behavior for the rest of the evening.

UF!Papyrus: He nags on you a lot, to be honest. Small things like cleaning up after yourself or not doing a task well enough. He means well, it’s actually because he’s worried about you but sometimes he’s a little harsh. Sometimes he doesn’t even notice that he’s doing it, or that what he said might’ve been a little mean. If it ever gets bad enough that you lock yourself into your room and cry. Well it’s a wake up call for him. He looks back on how he has been acting towards you and he realizes he never gives you any damn breaks. He knocks on your door and formally apologizes. He doesn’t like admitting that he’s done something wrong, but you’re more important to him than his pride. So he eases up on the nagging. Compliments don’t come naturally to him, but he makes an effort in showing you what he likes about you. You’re his s/o, that can only mean you’re the very best.

US!Papyrus: Papyrus is the kind of person who teases others to no end. He knows exactly how to get on your nerves. If you’re a smart mouth like him, you’re gonna have the funniest and most sarcastic conversations you could ever dream of. It’s all wonderful, except sometimes he doesn’t know when to quit. In the beginning of your relationship he didn’t take your ’’stop’’ seriously. First time he actually made you so upset you cried he freaked out. He learned his lesson. After apologizing he took you down town and spoiled you rotten. Anything you looked at in a store he’d buy you, even if you told him that you didn’t really need it. This is still his go to move whenever he f*cks up. It’s not that he’s trying to buy your affection, but he wants to make sure that you knows he loves you.

US!Sans: As I said before, Sans’ mood goes up and down. He’s happy most of the time, but when he’s sad he’s devastated and when he’s angry he is mad. He’s not an aggressive person and he’d never hurt you or anyone else out of anger. But if he’s pushed enough, it aint a pretty sight. He doesn’t like people criticizing him, even if it’s justified. And you’re his s/o. If you’re criticizing a decision he’s made, or an order he gave someone in the guard, it really bothers him. He doesn’t want to hear that from you and he gets sort of desperate in a way. Sometimes, if he’s holding a glass or something he might actually throw it to the ground and tell you to do a better job yourself. It’s his way of stopping the situation from escalating further. When he realizes that he actually scared you though, he’s even more devastated. He didn’t mean to scare you, never ever ever. He apologizes and then makes the two of you have a long talk and at the end, both of you feels a lot better. To apologize  even further he takes you out on a date. He goes all the way and somehow manages to plan the perfect night out, he’s quite the romantic when he wants to be.

SF!Sans: This guy does a lot of crazy things that could drive anyone to tears. He wants to be better than everyone else, it’s just the way he is. And sometimes that backfires on him and makes him subconsciously push you down. He kind of assumes that you know how great you are, you’re his s/o after all. He wouldn’t ever date someone who wasn’t first class, and neither should you. It’s simple logic. So he can afford to be a little mean, right? When he notices that he pushed the line too far he doesn’t know what to do. Part of him wants to just leave you alone and try and forget that he made you so upset. Fortunately he is smart enough to not listen to that part. To apologize he goes all out on everything. Gets you the best food in town and becomes your servant for the week. He needs to show you how you deserve to be treated.

SF!Papyrus: He gets some low points every now and then where he will doubt himself a lot. He doesn’t think he deserves you, and he doesn’t want to keep you in a relationship where you’re pulling all the weight. You deserve so much better than that. So he drinks a bit to much and decides that he have to make you leave, for your own best. And stupidly enough, the only thing his drunken mind can think of is to say so many hurtful things he can until you’ll hate him. He’s throwing insults at you until he finally gets you to break down and leave. He does the same, and when he wakes up the next day he feels like total crap. Hurting you unintentionally makes him hate himself and this is making him sick with self loathing and hate. He’s so f*cking stupid and he knows that you don’t want him anywhere near you right now. But he figures that he owes you an explanation and a huge apology. If you do forgive him, you’re kind of going to have to help each other. He’s still at his low point and ironically he needs reassurance from you. He’s not leaving your side though, that’s for sure. Constant cuddling and affection lies ahead.


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What do you think of the San Francisco housing crisis? What do you think is a remedy to it?

There is always a remedy. What San Francisco is experiencing is due to a lack of vision from the powers that be. An area with such an influx of wealth and people wanting to live there should be finding ways to to resolve this instead of sitting back and watching it happen.

The Bay Area is actually less dense than many similar cities like London, Los Angeles or Amsterdam!

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But there is an easy out and implicit snobbishness in just saying “there is no room for you, we are full”. Isn’t that what you said when you didn’t want to invite someone to a party?

So I just say, stop treating SF like its full and start taking advantage of all the opportunities to be found. Help developers build new housing, impose affordable housing requirements in every project, make the development of empty lots or vacant military land easier. Cities are not eternal or immune to time, SF should take advantage of this moment in time, before everyone decides that its not worth it and they move on somewhere else.

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