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Travis Ishikawa with the game winning home run to send the Giants to the World Series! They are going to be talking about that one for a longggg time.

Goodnight moon, giants edition

Goodnight stadium
Goodnight moon
Goodnight Giants, hitting over the moon.

Goodnight lights
And the Cardinals team
Goodnight fans, hoarse from screams

Goodnight pitchers
Goodnight mitts
Goodnight losers in red outfits.

Goodnight bat
Goodnight glove
Goodnight kayakers in McCovey Cove

Goodnight giant Coke bottle,
Goodnight Willie Mays
Goodnight medicinal smokers in a haze.

Goodnight bowling alley,
As players depart,
Goodnight fans waiting for BART

Goodnight Panda
Goodnight Posey
Goodnight Lou Seal
Goodnight Bochy

Goodnight Bumgarner
Goodnight Hunter Pence
Goodnight kale behind centerfield fence

Good night stars,
Goodnight air
Goodnight Giants fans everywhere.

by Brandon Mercer