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UF SF Bros reacting to their daughter bringing home a teenage Punk boyfriend( he treats her like a princess but he comes off as like a f*ckboy). And one of her reason for picking her boyfriend is because he always told her to find a someone that loves and will protect her and who better then someone big, tough and intimidating like her dad. I would just love to see the Bros face on this headcanon. XD

UF!Sans: He is an ABSOLUTE HYPOCRITE and will refuse to let her see him. Because he knows how guys like him tend to be. He gets in so many fights with his partner about it, but he does not trust that bastard. He’ll eventually come around, but the boyfriend’s gonna have to be patient.

UF!Papyrus: Oh, dear child, it doesn’t matter at all what he looks like……because he’s still not good enough. Seriously, no one is good enough for Papyrus’ kid, he could be the most strait-laced MBA student with a ten year plan in the world and they still be dirt beneath their feet in his view. The challenges are no different than getting him to accept any other boyfriend. 

SF!Sans: So, you want to be a punk? Well, he’s punk. He’s THE punk. And you better prove you’re worthy of wearing those spike-toed boots. He’s gonna have to fight your dad. Even if you talk him down, it is going to be an ongoing competition that your dad WILL BE THE VICTOR OF.

SF!Papyrus: Honestly, doesn’t judge. If they’re decent to his kid, that’s all that matters. He’s been sick of being judged for his appearance since he got to the Surface. Though he’s always wary of new boyfriends. 


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