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Hiya! Figured I'd send in a second, if you don't mind! How would ut + uf Undyne and us + sf Alphys (the strong ladies~) react to finding out that their s/o only uses 1% of their strength while they spar? They reveal that if they use any more then they could risk seriously hurting their girlfriend! So they tone it down as much as possible! Maybe they offer to demonstrate their strength on a tree or target or something but then they utterly demolish the tree/target and all the land around it... :O

look at all these strong ladies and their special strong sweethearts its very cute :O

UT Undyne:

She doesn’t believe for a minute that you are holding out on her until you lift the tree… and half the Earth the tree had rooted itself in. Her jaw has gone slack and her good eye is opened to a considerable size. She’s absolutely amazed about how strong you are. She’s a bit disappointed she can’t get you to spar with her at full force but watching you work out is enough, cause damn.

UF Undyne:

The first time you tell her that you are stronger than her she laughs directly in your face. Loudly too. “Sorry Babe, but YOU stronger than ME????” It doesn’t matter how buff you are or how buff you think you are, she’s keeling over in laughter. You lifting that tree got her to stop laughing a little bit though. After that she was frantic trying to find something, anything that she could lift that you couldn’t. It doesn’t end too well. She’ll end up forcing you to train every day because a skill like that could be very very useful.

US Alphys:

She’s very surprised the first time you show her your true strength and then pumped.  She is trying to get you to show off to everyone on how strong you are. “Hey Babe can you lift this for me? Thanks!” She’s gonna dump the heaviest thing she can find on you and run away cackling. She wants you the hit her with full force at least once and is very disappointed that you won’t. It’s probably for the best if you don’t hit her though. Even if she asks for it.

SF Alphys:

She’s so proud the first time you lift something 10 times your size. A single tear came from her eye. She, like her counterpart, wants to show you off and have people tremble in fear on how awesome her S/O  is. She’s probably going to try and get you to do more violent things to control the people in waterfall that are dumb enough to try and fight her. Regardless if you become her full fledge partner in crime terror she’ll be impressed.

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lets-talk-baekyeol(.)tumblr(.)com/post/75513010462/do-you-have-a-favorite-baekyeol-moment-s I recently found this post because of someone asking you about it and if you notice when BY hold hands Chanyeols hand kind of wavers before he takes Baeks hand. Also the members have these reactions that look like they're thinking, "They're doing it again guys"

You mean this one?

External image

Yeah, I can agree that the other members are wearing rather interesting expressions, but something makes me think it was about the whole performance in general. Oh, how I love Baekhyun & Chanyeol’s rendition of Love Song *deep sigh of contentment*

What’s your take on it SFS?

-admin MTL

You went far back! I’m proud. 

Oh, this is pretty interesting. I never looked at it this way before. Kind of…wavers, you say? Like, he hesitates? (excuse my english that is lacking).

Because if that is what you mean, I’ve noticed it too. I think though, with time, they’ve been able to hold hands openly and freely with zero second thoughts. There will probably always be a few bits of hesitance here and there, though. Like, for example, that gifset we reblogged recently where Chanyeol held Baekhyun’s hand. 

But then there are moments like that one time they almost held hands

External image

And that time they actually did, and in the most beautiful way ever, interlocking fingers and all.

External image

I need to stop goodbye

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