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Our brand new project on a music by PILOTPRIEST “The Last Goodbye”


“We Broke The P.A.” // “Power Chord Blues” LIVE by Dangers @ Butter Dungeon / Berkeley, CA 10.26.13

Quick Update:

Hey all, I know the blog / booking collective has been slow lately, my apologies. The fall has been slower than expected. Currently working on something for the Winter though, and I’m excited to see it come into place.

As we all know, the end of the year is coming up quick and that means its time for everyone to express their thought for their favorite releases of the year. I have a bunch of records that I’m debating for with slots on my top 10. Ranging from records my friends have put out, to records of bands I don’t have the pleasure of knowing.

As we go into the new year, I hope to expand the booking collective experience into a bigger spectrum. I’m working on connecting with more agents to bring the Bay Area some bands that we all know and love.

In the mean time, my homie Matt (Aleutia) has been booking crazy good shows at the 654 House in SF. Honored to be working with him in joint to help bring some awesome shows to the city. He’s providing a house spot for all you, so respect that and let’s keep it alive for as long as possible. Just recently, my favorite house spot in Santa Rosa was closed down, and its a bummer to see it go, but some of my best times were had there.

Anyways, keep an eye out for my opinion on my favorite records of the year, and other stuff that may be occuring.