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Go BlameThank @binaryflower010 @nozomiyuki and @angisam for this, because if it wasn’t for them, I would never have done something about this group. How dare they to inspire me to the point I need to draw it! shame on them! nah, not really, love you guys <3 you’re the best  xoxoxo

This means I will do comics with them in the future? not really, only if I want to, same with the asks about them, so don’t be disappointed if I don’t answer your asks, you’ve been warned.

So, there you have it, Swapfell and Fellswap pets and owners! / Fellswap rabbit and doggy inspired by @dust4148 design 


Well I don’t know wich one belong to, so I can credit only who I know, sorry. Maybe I’ll do more AUs. It was fun,
Undertale: Toby Fox
Underfell: @underfell
UnderSwap: @popcornpr1nce
FellSwap: @oftheforests
SwapFell: @kkhoppang


So cool.
(’cause I really love Undertale Papyrus and I would really like to be his friend!)

jrs-personal-nightmare  asked:

Has SF!chara ever tried flirting with SF!sans and SF!papyrus? if so were they ever successful on getting one of them blushed or embarrassed? ( same goes to US!chara I'm curious for both )

【 Fellswap X Underswap comic 】

Flirting is really interesting , Right ? 

(Because it is last year request , then ……SF its mean FS(;゚д゚))