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Max’s motivational posts reminded me that I did my own too and just never uploaded it here since I didn’t have tumblr then –



but yes this is old art please don’t mind the shitty quality ahaha 

The trump of our fandom, Csers!

Dear Csers, Your ship is canon, they suck faces almost ever episode. So why are you not grateful and enjoy it? Why try and ruin everything for other ships? I.e Neal appeared for ONE scene in S5 & you had nothing better to do, than to hate on SF fans & slander the scene!! We don’t need to talk how you treat rumbelleres! Just so horrible and unfair. Of course, you only tolerate snowing, when it fits you (when they declare fuckboy hook as bf of the year, and let’s be clear, charming only tolerates “the pirate” cause he doesn’t want to upset Emma!!) Swan Queen AND the actors…. You fucking morons ship COLIFER! YOU WANT COLIN TO CHEAT ON HIS WIFE! WTF?? JMo & Lana share some friendly, lighthearted gestures and you go and start a war…. Demand that Lana gets fired (and deported… Hahahahahaha) Are you seriously the trump of the OUAT Fandom??? Of course, exceptions are the rule! But still…. The majority of this fandom is homophobic, misogynistic and racists…

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So how would UT/UF Sans and US/SF Papyrus deal with this situation: Their brother found themselves a human S/O who makes them very happy but then a Reset happens. The two only feel like they've met before but other than that they've forgotten what they've had. Would the Sans equivalents help nudge them in the right direction again?


It depends whether or not he approved of the S/O in the first place. If he did, he’ll set them up as soon as he can, if not, he’ll do anything he can to prevent them from even meeting.


He’s not one to interfere with the love affairs of his brother. Besides, what has happened will happen again. Isn’t that how everything goes? Constant repetition, things moving like clockwork. His bro is happy and things will happen as they do. Why interfere?


He lets things play out as they will, afraid that if he interferes, things will turn out differently. But the moment they get on the surface, he does further extensive research on the S/O before they even meet his brother. He knows they make him happy… Pap just wants to make sure they’re good.


The most important thing is that his brother is happy. He’ll definitely help things along alittle. He’ll try to get them to meet as soon as possible but from there, he lets his brother take the wheel. It’s his brother’s relationship after all, not his. And he’s tired. As long as his bro is happy.

Short clip of Darren Speaking Japanese (I think) with fans at stage door in San Francisco on 28 October 2016. 

Darren spoke to these fans for much longer than this and took selfies.  I did not feel comfortable posting the whole video, but if you are the girls in this clip I will happily forward an extended version to you.

I posted this because it shows just how incredible he is with fans and languages.

Being ill is zero fun when there is plenty of sunshine outside! As a consolation, I awarded myself with a coffee. Also, I’ve started to read my fifth title in #5books7days challenge - The Sirens of Titan, written by Kurt Vonnegut. I am so excited about this one! Happy reading and happy weekend to you all! :-)

Written by teenage and adult fans and distributed online, [Harry Potter] fan fiction has a huge readership. It creates new story lines and new subject positions for Rowling鈥檚 characters… Some have created relationships between Harry and Hermione, but others have paired Harry and Draco Malfoy, erasing the love/hate binary and writing homosexual love into Harry鈥檚 world. They answer a silence there and write a possibility into existence. Writing fan fiction is an enjoyable literate activity that takes place outside of school. It is the kind of passionate, engaged writing that I would like to see occur in secondary schools. It often refuses traditional ways of thinking and seeing and creates new ones. Writing this kind of fan fiction is hard, intellectual work. It requires the ability to read and write critically, against the grain, and to think beyond what we already know, abilities we would like to foster in all teens.
—  Meredith Cherland, from Harry Potter and the Discourse of Gender (Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy 52:4, 2009) p.279-280