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How would each of the skelecrew react to suddenly appearing in a girls room covered in merchandise of the said skelebro? Once the girl sees them though, she just sort of deadpans and starts collecting the merch to throw it away. She says something along the lines of "Would you grab some of that? I seem to have a lot of trash to take out... It was a nice fantasy while it lasted..."

UT!Sans: There’s like a moment where his eyelights flicker out and then he just kind of rolled with it. “So, you’re a fan, I take it.” He hold up one of the dolls and smiles faintly. “Can’t say I’m surprised. I do tend to spin heads around.” If you pick up on the joke, he figures you’re pretty cool, talks to you. Hey, if all goes well, you may end up with his number, either platonically or romantically. He helps you get rid of the stuff if you want, but he’s taking a doll and a t-shirt, because that’s hilarious.

UT!Papyrus: BEST. DAY. EVER. WAIT, DON’T THROW THAT AWAY! HOW ELSE WILL YOU SHOW YOUR LOVE FOR THE GREAT PAPYRUS?! Yeah, he’s excited, his eyes are doing that adorable anime thing, and he is definitely making you his latest best friend. He can’t believe he finally has a real fan!

UF!Sans: Teleports the hell out and then prays he never sees you again. He doesn’t know what kind of serial killer nonsense that is, but he is not being stabbed by a crazed yandere. No thank you.

UF!Papyrus: He thinks its weird, and tells you so, but then stops you before throwing any of it out. “OBVIOUSLY YOUR OBSESSION WITH ME IS BIZARRE AND IRRITATING, BUT IT IS ALSO……UNDERSTANDABLE, I SUPPOSE, FOR SOMEONE AS GREAT AND TERRIBLE AS I TO HAVE GROUPIES.” he waves a hand in a show of dismissiveness. “I WILL NOT TAKE THIS PLEASURE FROM YOUR PATHETIC LIFE.” Then he leaves. But you maaay find you “accidentally” run into him quite a bit.

US!Sans:…..WHERE DID YOU GET THIS STUFF?! ITS SO GOOD! If any of it is handmade he’s very impressed and asks you to make more stuff for him. He holds up a picture by his face. “I CUT A DASHING FIGURE, DON’T I?” Then he asks you to hang out sometime. Papyrus probably won’t be as cool with you, but Blue will hold him in check, and the two of you likely end up becoming good friends.

US!Papyrus: While he’s a little more creeped out on his brother’s behalf,  if its him, he just kind of goes with it. He looks around the room, looking mildly amused. “So, kid, you a stalker, or what?” He’s kidding…..you think. He shrugs when you try throwing it out. “Do what you want. But hey, I can think of worse roommates.” And then he points to the doll of him and smiles. You don’t really seem that threatening so he’s pretty cool with this. If he ever sees you around, he’ll approach you, ask how your “little buddies” are doing. Hey, might end up with a friend out of the deal. But get rid of your merch if you don’t want to be teased for it constantly. 

SF!Sans: You are his new henchman, you start tomorrow, pick up your collar and badass jacket at his house at 8 AM sharp. He’s enthralled by having someone as in love with him as he is with himself. I’d show up for that first day if you don’t want him breaking down your door and demanding to know where you are, but eventually you can talk him into releasing ou from a life of servitude. Still, you are probably now considered as one of his closest allies. 

SF!Papyrus: He just looks around for a bit, and then in a very calm voice, says. “No.” and then teleports away. Not today. 


Because Sonic Forces made ocs canon 👌👍

This is my first ever sonic fc and I love her very much even after all these years. ❤️ Her name is Cashandra Manx (Cash), she’s 14 and a childhood friend of Sonic and my other fc, Spitfire. Though she works as a librarian at her mothers library, she is also training to become a black belt in karate at her fathers dojo.



Spare Parts, one of the best Doctor Who stories in any medium in the past 50 years, top-rated audio that’s been released on limited edition vinyl (above right), is FREE TO LISTEN TO ON SPOTIFY. Learn why the Mondasian Cybermen are so flipping scary and why Peter Capaldi was so eager to have them back before he goes. (You have to create a login name and password to use Spotify, but that’s all.)

LISTEN To Spare Parts HERE. Bonus for old SF fans: Sally Knyvette, Jenna on Blake’s 7, has a heck of a guest star role.

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So how would UT/UF Sans and US/SF Papyrus deal with this situation: Their brother found themselves a human S/O who makes them very happy but then a Reset happens. The two only feel like they've met before but other than that they've forgotten what they've had. Would the Sans equivalents help nudge them in the right direction again?


It depends whether or not he approved of the S/O in the first place. If he did, he’ll set them up as soon as he can, if not, he’ll do anything he can to prevent them from even meeting.


He’s not one to interfere with the love affairs of his brother. Besides, what has happened will happen again. Isn’t that how everything goes? Constant repetition, things moving like clockwork. His bro is happy and things will happen as they do. Why interfere?


He lets things play out as they will, afraid that if he interferes, things will turn out differently. But the moment they get on the surface, he does further extensive research on the S/O before they even meet his brother. He knows they make him happy… Pap just wants to make sure they’re good.


The most important thing is that his brother is happy. He’ll definitely help things along alittle. He’ll try to get them to meet as soon as possible but from there, he lets his brother take the wheel. It’s his brother’s relationship after all, not his. And he’s tired. As long as his bro is happy.

From the very beginning science fiction was very male-focused or male-controlled. There were a few women involved, but an awful lot of them were just the wives of the fans. So when Star Trek started, it had a very large female component, which I think the networks never really understood…they persisted in feeling that all Star Trek fans were sixteen-year-old guys with acne who wore eighty-seven buttons on their shirts. I mean, we tried to tell them, but they never listened. A lot of people were drawn into fandom because of Star Trek, many of them women, and the old-line fans started to feel like they were losing their grip on their own hobby…

I’m not being very polite about this but, again, it was just a question of, ‘I want to talk about Asimov and you’ve never even heard of Asimov, so why are you trying to take over? There are so many of you!’ I mean, we had about four thousand attending the Worldcon in 1967, and then when Elyse Rosenstein and I decided to do our own convention, it was so many more people. So the science-fiction fans sort of felt overwhelmed and there was a certain amount of hostility.


Devra Langsam, quoted in The Fifty-Year Mission Volume 1 by Mark A. Altman and Edward Gross.

Interesting to hear from one of the key women figures in early Trek fandom on the dynamics of SF cons after Star Trek debuted, and how the resistance to Trek fans in SF was gendered.

Being ill is zero fun when there is plenty of sunshine outside! As a consolation, I awarded myself with a coffee. Also, I’ve started to read my fifth title in #5books7days challenge - The Sirens of Titan, written by Kurt Vonnegut. I am so excited about this one! Happy reading and happy weekend to you all! :-)


演出や音響がSEがいい仕事してましたね。 ホント音がたまらん…