sf event

  • ruki: a cute white bun from alice in wonderland
  • aoi: majestic asf w those long lashes nd ice blue contacts
  • reita: looks like a frosted cupcake
  • kai: amazing broken doll
  • uruha: ???? what the fuck?? a goblin?? gremlin? the fuck is this??? w lots of extensions but zero eyebrows?? a thing that walked out of lord of the rings? what the fuc

Philip Milic | Oakland California / On the Road
“ Got to finish this stunning tattoo last [week].🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙 I will be facilitating a creative drawing class about finding and divining your sacred doodle. What is our subconscious trying to tell you or is it just wanting to be witnessed? Let’s explore these ideas at @symbiosisgathering on sept 16. It will be my first time doing this so I’m a bit nervous but it will be a lot of fun. No need to be an “artist” just need to be willing to explore and open up. Check out @symbiosisgathering web for details. Also @oldcrowtattoo is selling tickets for the festival. 💚👻👽🔮🌙🍄💨

tumblr: philipmilic


“Aap ek dafa mujhe itminaan kara den ke aap isse nahin maarenge tou main chala jaounga, kabhi wapas nahin aaounga yahan pe!”

“Tum mein itni himmat tou hai nahin ke apne aap pe bharosa karke beti ka haath mujh se maang liya hota. Ab mujhse vaada maang rahe ho? Agar uss waqt tum ne mard bann ke dikhaya hota tou aaj bhi ye mardangi achi lagti.


SF MuVi - Valentine Special Event