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Some Americans spend billions to get teeth whiter. Some wait in line to get them pulled.
You can work full time but not have the money to fix your teeth – visible reminders of the divide between rich and poor.

It’s beyond reprehensible that this is happening to anyone—let alone already vulnerable populations such as veterans and senior citizens.

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The 100 Inside videos views on CW official youtube channel: Wanheda 1 - 76.180 // Wanheda 2 - 40.939 // Ye who enter here - 42.449 // Watch the thrones - 55.125 // Hakeldama - 68.433 // Bitter harverst - 134.268 // Thirteen - 153.640 // Terms and conditions - 53.015 // Stealing Fire - 38.198 // Fallen - 31.814 // Nevermore - 24.704 // Demons - 25.920 // Join or die - 32.678 // Red sky at morning - 19.455. Doesn't this just bring a smile to you face? Let's not give views to the finale people.

154,000 views at the height of Clexa vs. 19,500 without Lexa. 

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T H A T   M I N O R I T Y ! ! !

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Les Twins at SFJazz - Laurent Shares a Fans Story (by Sam Elle)

“You got too shy and we don’t have time.”

“Too many story you kill us”/“Shut up bro. Sorry for kids oh my God I love love…teddy bear eeh”

“Why you got shy? Why you shy? I’m going to marry her when in 20 years. Yeah I’ll marry you too don’t worry. I love your tattoo you’re so cute. That is for my brother”

“No hold on hold on I talk right now”

“You don’t understand, you even don't understand what’s happened.”

“Shhhhuussshh Larry….”

“I’m so happy to come here I regret nothing….nothing. I love y'all guys”

“You know when you enter a restaurant from China you got long things like this…what is that? What we gonna do with that?”

“24 burger”

“That’s it you’re serious?”

“I got heart. I’m from the hood I’m been poor.  And I make money for all my family”

But it was my dream to see you and dance with you so I want it I’m like yes I know but you have to let me know you can’t shit like that." 

"Hold on I’m not finished..no you don’t need to your English is so bad”/“He never been he said what”/“‘CAUSE THEY LIVE IN THE UNITE STATES”/“EXACTLY so he don’t know how much it is”

“He’s here for see his idol, I’m sorry I have to say it that way cause it’s the truth but I don’t allowed to say that because it’s my life”/“But I can say that to you. He’s a idol of you.”/“Yes you can say that to me thank you”/“I’m nothing…?He’s lessss twins" 

"I’m like thank God he’s alive, first of all. Cause he’s so scary. I mean he..the gift he give me I open it with like so much distance. I was like I don’t know him. This guys is from China you know many things happen there. I’m like so scared.”

“You got a gift from her.”/“Yeah but she’s a girl and she’s okay.”

“This sotry’s too long *cough*”

“Please don’t do this for if I give you workshop for free. Please. Please I begging you to don’t do this cause I love you all. Listen to me I recognize all of your faces. If I see you one of you guys like I leaved my house for y'all.”/“Noo don’t make fun of him”/“No I know United States they too much.”/“No it’s true.”

“His dad say go follow your dream, so he came.”

“Oh you don’t wanna do things with me? Let’s do a things together”/“Alriggght”

“No I have to make him a little bit special in you town guys because you’re all special for me but I was just wanna do some little things for him cause I was about to invite him but he pay his own ticket again like what’s happened to him. You have a problem in your mind man. Foreal.”

“You…you go home after yeah?”/“Yes I never ask you this.”/“You promise to go home.”/“You say you go home after that right?”/“Keep your word after workshop for free.”

“If I see you in Mehico.”/“asdfghjkl”/“I kick you”/“Don’t follow me in Brazil please”/ “Don’t follow us. If I see you in Paris…no I’m joking”


Australian Open 2015 - Top 10 Seeds

  1. Novak Djokovic - (best result: W ‘08 '11 '12 '13)
  2. Roger Federer - (W '04 '06 '07 '10)
  3. Rafael Nadal - (W '09)
  4. Stan Wawrinka - (W '14)
  5. Kei Nishikori - (4R '13 '14)
  6. Andy Murray - (F '10 '11 '13)
  7. Tomas Berdych - (SF '14)
  8. Milos Raonic - (4R '11 '13)
  9. David Ferrer - (SF '11 '13)
  10. Grigor Dimitrov - (QF '14)

Australian Open 2016 - Top 10 Mens Seeds

  1. Novak Djokovic (best result: W: ‘08, ‘11, ‘12, ‘13, ‘15)
  2. Andy Murray (F: ‘10, ‘11, ‘13, ‘15)
  3. Roger Federer (W: ‘04, ‘06, ‘07, ‘10)
  4. Stan Wawrinka (W: ‘14)
  5. Rafael Nadal (W: ‘09)
  6. Tomas Berdych (SF: ‘14, ‘15)
  7. Kei Nishikori (QF: ‘12, ‘15)
  8. David Ferrer (SF: ‘11, ‘13)
  9. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (F: ‘08)
  10. John Isner (4R: ‘10)

2:13 -Eunhae SFS solo,one word: HOT!