This weekend was filled with all of my favorites. There was lots of sleeping. Lots of laughing. Lots of love and good food and my people. 

Rolling out of bed to surprise Miette macarons kicked things off. A dinner at Foreign Cinema which is romantic and gorgeous; there’s a reason it is my favorite restaurant in San Francisco. My mom and dad brought a special bottle of champs and little confetti happy birthdays and flowers for the table because of course. 

Dim Sum at my favorite place in Oakland. A walk along the water in (unplanned) matching flannel & glasses. Spending Saturday with Alix laughing and cuddling and eating spicy cheetos as best friends do. A constant stream of calls and texts from friends and family.

This picture I took of my Oma right before she passed away is very special to me.. In probably one of the most thoughtful gifts I have every received, Erik commissioned an artist who uses BIC pens- you know the regular one everyone uses?- to turn it into the most incredible drawing… I immediately started crying in bed when he gave it to me because it captures her weathered hands so perfectly. He even wrapped it in a map with Canada on it…  

The weekend ended with an evening stroll to Humphrey Slocombe ice cream here in the mission. Secret Breakfast for me (it is bourbon and cornflake! SPOILER. It’s amaze. I get it every time.) I’m fairly certain there is nothing better than holding hands and eating ice cream while ambling though the city you love.

My mind is marinating on things I’ve learned this past year but that will be for another post, another time… 

29, here we go.


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