So i made a bunch of teeny Steve Busecemi stickers!!
I have dozens of copies of them, so if you’d like a set, message me!
I’ll be selling them for 5 bucks, plus 1.50 for shipping. :)

Shelter Connecticut

We are very saddened (as is she) that TULIP has had ZERO interest 

TULIP is an AMAZING girl!!! Approx 2 years young, spayed, UTD, housebroken and a terrific listener. She is good with both kids and adults but would do best as your only pet. Won’t you please consider making sweet Tulip a part of your family? 

PLEASE CONTINUE TO SHARE, SHARE, SHARE until she finds the loving home she deserves!!

For more info/app please email

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Futurama// seymour waits for fry (jurassic bark ending) (by sphyco4everMV)

Mood: want to be in a very cold dark room with someone(like they don’t even have to talk or be close, I just don’t wanna be alone) with maybe some blueberry iced cream whilst we watch that episode of Futurama where Fry finds his dog(Seymour) fossilised and is going to bring him back but then he doesn’t because he finds out that Seymour lived for 13 years and he assumed Seymour had a great life without him but then u find out Seymour spent 13 years of his life just waiting for Fry outside the pizza shop he used to work at. Then I probably cry after and sleep till July next year.