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CultureTV: LAW & ORDER Casting (franchise)

1. Samuel L. Jackson (1991) / 2. Jennifer Garner (1996)

3. P. S. Hoffman (1991) / 4. Hayden Panettiere (2001)

5. Kerry Washington (2001)

Beginning in the 1990s, the LAW & ORDER franchise had the best casting of any show on TV. No other series in the modern era can boast as many “Before They Were Famous” actors. Offering a few photos here and more to come. None of these actors were famous at the time they were cast in guest-starring and bit roles.


Townes Van Zandt plays “Waitin’ Around to Die,” Seymour Washington weeps.  From the documentary, “Heartworn Highways." 

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Waitin’ Around To Die - Townes Van Zandt

Here’s another clip from Heartworn Highways (1975). Enjoy the intro where Townes talks to Seymour Washington (born 1896) about his life as a “walking blacksmith”, shoeing horses and drinking whiskey. When Townes plays “the first song [he] ever wrote”, Uncle Seymour is moved to tears.

Townes Van Zandt died at 52 on New Year’s Day 1997. A manic depressive who’d undergone insulin shock treatment in his youth, an alcoholic, a heroin addict, and an unsuccessful musician; he was a songwriter and a voice like no other.

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