seymour road


Tom Hardy with Phillip Seymour Hoffman at the LAByrinth’s “Summer Intensive,” which brings artists together in a rural setting to develop new plays. This was the genesis of The Long Red Road written by Brett C Leonard also a very close friend of PSH. 

Tom Hardy has been with TLRR play throughout its long development process, flying on his own dime to the United States from London a couple of times for workshops, including a Summer Intensive in Vermont done under the auspices of LAByrinth, the New York-based theater ensemble Phillip Seymour Hoffman joined in 1995.


Photos via THDotorg.


First day also included Santa Cruz. Stopped by natural bridges first, which was super windy, and then went to the Seymour marine discovery center. It was only 6 bucks for students! They had an awesome display of crocheted reefs, and a newly renovated trail to walk along the cliffs overlooking the beach. I felt very at peace there because of the quiet piano music they had playing in the background. I wandered around for about an hour and a half just looking at the aquarium, petting sharks, and walking along their trail.