seymour duncan invader

Meet TK-421, The Imperial Iceman

Here’s a run down…

…The guitar came original with Dimarzio D-Activator pickups, and a control panel that was Volume, Tone, Selector switch. I like a killswitch on all of my guitars, so the first order of business was how to put one in. I had a few options but my choice was to relocate the selector switch to the upper bout, Paul Stanley style. Next up was a swap to a bone nut. The bridge was great so I left it. New humbuckers were installed - Seymour Duncan Invaders. I won’t lie, I bought these without really playing any - straight up for the looks, but I knew it was Seymour Duncan so it’d sound really good…except I was wrong. The invaders sound freaking exceptional. All electronics swapped for switchcraft jacks and switch and CTS pots. Orange drop cap added to circuitry. Tone knob moved back to where selector switch was, and killswitch ordered from Amazon was installed in between volume and tone. Killswitch is backlit with an LED annular ring powered by a 9v battery hidden in the control cavity. LED ring only lights when cord plugged in (like active electrics). Finally, the coupe de grace was a cheap $4 vinyl decal of the Star Wars imperial insignia.

If you haven’t realized yet that I am a gigantic dork, TK-421 is the only stormtrooper in the Star Wars series to be called by name. (1977 - A New Hope. Luke and Han ambush two stormtroopers and take their uniforms. The dispatcher calls out “TK-421, why aren’t you at your post?!?”


All luthier work performed by Brian Malone at Atlanta Guitar Works.