Shark vs. Cameraman, Ancient Islands, More!

Posted by Paul Rose in Pristine Seas on March 24, 2015

The young blacktip reef sharks are often in the shallows at low tide. (Photo by Manu San Felix)

A highlight of this expedition has been our interaction with the Seychellois people. I love the Seychellois—there is a sense of peaceful energy and of being at ease with nature. At the start of our expedition on the main island of Mahé we joined beautiful, experienced fishermen at Beau Vallon working their trade as beach seine netters. We sailed with highly skilled fishing boat owners to handline for bourzwa and had wonderful boisterous exchanges with stall holders in the colorful, fragrant Victoria market.

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These images are from my trip a few days ago to the Seychelles. It is a chain of islands and we were able to travel to Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue. The three islands have completely different flavors - Mahe is the capital and more populated than any other island. There’s a downtown, condos being built, and a plethora of luxury hotels. Praslin is slightly more remote and still has a natural, old-school feel to it. Tourists definitely go there, but it was secluded enough that we didn’t have to compete for beach space. La Digue is the most authentic of the three - there are few vehicles on the island. The ones that are there are mostly taxis, and tourists get around either by ox cart (picture above), or bikes. You can cycle around the island within a few hours and it’s a wonderful experience because you pass through local roads enabling you to see how original Seychellois people live. We spotted dolphins in the water off La Digue - amazing experience. Photos by Vitra - Please do not use for personal blogs/sites without permission and crediting. Thanks!