seychelle books

“I wish you could tell me where you are now. I mean, I know you’re dead, but I think there must be something in a human being that can’t just disappear. It’s dark out. You’re out there. Somewhere, somewhere. I’d like to let you in.” - Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira


Laurel - Ella Purnell
May - Katie Findlay
Sky - Jamie Blackley
Hannah - Bella Thorne
Natalie - Seychelle Gabriel

Recent  goals/to do


  • Keep up with regular skin treatments
  • Try different sheet masks
  • Make the most of glamorous hair treatments and hair styles
  • Eye treatments
  • Have endless inventory of oils and favorite products
  • Get  fillers
  • Semi-permanent brows/lashes
  • Visit gym 3-4 times a week
  • Donate old clothing 
  • Book a spa weekend 
  • Hoard beauty advice, hair inspiration and tips
  • Start a fragrance collection
  • Always  carry hand cream, moisturizer, small makeup kit, ,perfume, hand sanitizer and baby wipes


  • Continuously read up on business and entrepreneurship
  • Become fluent in Spanish and French
  • Have a basic grasp of economics, marketing, management and finance
  • Take regular notes of ideas and observations
  • Curb shyness and become more outgoing


  • Take swimming lessons
  • Do courses required to get into university
  • Become knowledable for pleasure, not to show off
  • Find new ways to save money and have a healthy income


  • Do not use laptop first thing in the morning
  • Pray, say affirmations
  • Have rejuvenation rituals
  • Watch funny videos and series.
  • Make it a habit to watch luscious, happy and adrenaline rushing films and series
  • Be friendly ,assertive, charismatic and engaging.
  • Curb alcohol use 
  • Curb internet use
  • Ignore time wasting confrontation and unnecessary arguments 

Random future extravagant ‘doing the most’ things on my bucket list

  • See Venice from above and below
  • Take cooking classes from professional chefs
  • Thailand Island hopping and spa experience
  • Visit Tokyo and indulge in local cuisine
  • Go on a helicopter and hot air balloon ride
  • Visit  Ancient Mayan ruins.
  • Go Caribbean Island hopping via a glamorous cruise ship
  • See a lion, jaguar, tiger and a whale in the flesh
  • Travel from the Secret Valleys of Peru, quiet beaches of Costa Rica to the Vibrancy of Colombia
  • Have a romantic, candlelit meal by an ocean or lake
  • Have more candlelit meals
  • Do watersports 
  • Visit a street food festival
  • See the Lion King at Broadway, New York
  • Have a caviar/gold facial
  • Go ‘glamping’ with a group of girls
  • Visit  luxurious hotels for unique style massages, sauna and spa treatments
  • Have a walk in closet
  • Cheese and wine tasting
  • Go on a road trip with jazz music blasting
  • Go to a jazz and bossa nova event
  • Have sex with Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Have a peaceful beach holiday at Mozambique, Kenya, Seychelles or Namibia
  • Sleep. Book a hotel one day for sleeping and eating purposes.

favourite books read in 2014: cinder by marissa meyer

soon, the whole world would be searching for her - linh cinder. a deformed cyborg with a missing foot. a lunar with a stolen identity. a mechanic with no one to run to, nowhere to go. but they would be looking for a ghost.