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*arrives one million years later with Starbucks* I forgot to say but welcome back to tumblr! It's lovely seeing you on here again :D

You are an angel <3 Thank you. That really means a lot to me. My partner and I were chatting about you just the other day actually! We were talking about your art and stuff, so it’s awesome to see you still producing the bEST FUCKIN’ ART EVER JEEZE <3

About Damn Time For Some Cecearl

Hello Listeners…

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I apologize for today… I have some bad news…

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Our dear, sweet, perf-… Carlos.. has left me-us. Listeners. Carlos, the perf-… The scientist, has left us. Our town… our radio show host. He has returned home and stated during an…. interview… that he has no intention on returning to m-… us, listeners.. He’s gone home… gone away… for good…

(I ship Cecilos hardcore, and I will happily roleplay Cecilos with any Carlos’- this breakup is just for a Cecearl roleplay that dear Sexybaldwin and I shall be doing. Also, I am not really smoking. I’m not a smoker.)

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Your amazing drawing of Cecil with the Count Olaf eye tattoo just gave me a really funny image of Carlos seeing it for the first time and REALLY freaking out, running away while Cecil chases after him shouting, "What's wrong, dear, sweet Carlos? I'm not evil! I just liked it there! Just like my uncle Olaf- WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FASTER?!"

carlos would be out of there so fastreadmore bc hella text

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Since we learnt that Carlos said, “A scientist is always fine.” I can’t help thinking that he uses this sort of thing in a lot of excuses like, “Carlos, why are you stealing the covers?” “A scientist must always be warm, Cecil.” or “Did you just buy four different kinds of tea?” “A scientist must always have their optimum caffeine fix, Cecil.”


🌞✨Good afternoon, Desert Bluffs!✨🌞

Pros of uni: no one to stop me mucking about with cosplay for 2 hours

Cons of uni: no one to stop me mucking about with cosplay for 2 hours

@sexybaldwin posted some selfies with this snapchat filter and I’m actually pleasantly surprised by these, they didn’t turn out too shabby! Ya girl doesn’t have sclera lenses but snapchat filters will do :) I forgot how much I loved dressing up as Desert Bluffs’ fave radio diva till now~

It is my first time doing this, and you know you all deserve it, for making my days brighter every day. From the Holy Land to the planes and mountains of Tamriel, from the courtroom to the Ghost World, from Aperture Laboratories to a desert of gold – meeting you again is always a pleasure.

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See you again?

This was inspired by sexybaldwin.

I’m just in love with the quote because I think I’ve been doing this even before I knew of the term shipping.

This is dedicated to anyone with ships and otps (pairings, couplings and loveteams in Asia), whether from books, tv shows, movies or music groups; whether sailed, crack or ghost ship; whether heterosexual or slash. Dedicated to those who have smiled, laughed and cried with their otps or because of their otps; and also to those who have gotten their heart broken and their hairs pulled due to frustration.

Keep on shipping!

Hi everyone! I hit 1.2k a little while back and now I’m almost halfway to 1.3k!! I wanted to do a lil follow forever since I appreciate every single one of you!! I’m super sorry if I forgot anyone, pls know I love every single one of my followers to the moon and back. Thank you again!!~<33

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So I'm new to the wtnv fandom and I was wondering if you know of any good blogs to follow? (I'm already following you, ur perfection)

me: acts like i didnt cry reading this

this is so sweet!! so, just for you anon, here are some of my favorite wtnv/wtnv related blogs. im gonna put it under a cut bc i tend to babble

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Silly Brit Saying all 50 States
Silly Brit Saying all 50 States

Influenced by Cecil’s beautiful butchery of some american states, and my post here, I have attempted to pronounce the 50 states. I am woefully ignorant about such things, and really do apologise if I have messed up. But it’s all for fun! And I greatly encourage you to join in, too, if you want.