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Your amazing drawing of Cecil with the Count Olaf eye tattoo just gave me a really funny image of Carlos seeing it for the first time and REALLY freaking out, running away while Cecil chases after him shouting, "What's wrong, dear, sweet Carlos? I'm not evil! I just liked it there! Just like my uncle Olaf- WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FASTER?!"

carlos would be out of there so fastreadmore bc hella text

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Since we learnt that Carlos said, “A scientist is always fine.” I can’t help thinking that he uses this sort of thing in a lot of excuses like, “Carlos, why are you stealing the covers?” “A scientist must always be warm, Cecil.” or “Did you just buy four different kinds of tea?” “A scientist must always have their optimum caffeine fix, Cecil.”

About Damn Time For Some Cecearl

Hello Listeners…

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I apologize for today… I have some bad news…

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Our dear, sweet, perf-… Carlos.. has left me-us. Listeners. Carlos, the perf-… The scientist, has left us. Our town… our radio show host. He has returned home and stated during an…. interview… that he has no intention on returning to m-… us, listeners.. He’s gone home… gone away… for good…

(I ship Cecilos hardcore, and I will happily roleplay Cecilos with any Carlos’- this breakup is just for a Cecearl roleplay that dear Sexybaldwin and I shall be doing. Also, I am not really smoking. I’m not a smoker.)


And now part 1 of the Sunday Night Vale meetup, featuring all the Cecils fawning over one Carlos, the Glow Cloud passing through and leaving behind a faint smell of vanilla, a fight that Daniel is going to regret when he breaks his ukulele, fun times with viscera, a picture that should not exist of an angel who does not exist, Lauren bonding with her favourite employee, and Kevin… no, stop… put that down!

Well now you’re dead.

sexybaldwin said:

I know we’ve already had this conversation but your art is SO DAMN CUTE. AGH. FILL MY BRAIN WITH YOUR ART PLEASE.

Sorry I am not an approved medical practitioner.
Also, I think that even if I succeeded with whatever it was I was doing, you’d still die.

Thank you for thinking my art is cute, btw >v<

Warning: bright colors,brain (?), is this gore even, i dunno what to tag it


Yesterday I reached 800 followers and this just keeps getting more and more surreal. I figured, since I didn’t do anything for 500, I’ll do a little something for this. I don’t really have much to make a cool giveaway, and the only thing I can give away is art and gifs!

Sooo… I’ll be doing three things.

  1. Private ask box. For the day (or two days, depending on how many asks I get) I will answer any ask I get privately (so no anons), as truthfully as I can. It will be text only, no gifs, but you can ask either of the characters or me personally. It can be any message, question, advice (no idea why you’d want that from me though :P) or anything and I will try to answer it. Just specify if it’s for the muse or mun.
  2. Welcome to Night Vale 2014 pin up calendar. It is going to be a thing. It will come into existence when I have time to draw all 12 months. It will be before New Year’s though. Furthermore, I will be printing and mailing these calendars to some people who have been incredibly supportive and lovely to me (I mean you’re all lovely, but y'know. I can’t print 800 of these.)
  3. I will randomly pick 5 of you and do a personalised gif of whatever you want (not porn for the love of-), whichever character. Also, for one of the 5 (again randomly picked) I will do a free drawing of anything you want. So if you are interested, either like or reblog this (only one of the two please) and I’ll add you to the ‘list’. Just to clarify, this is only for the first 800 people following me - I might do something for new followers in the future, but right now I am only including the first 800 in this. 

Everyone take care and have a lovely day :)