Superstar Justin Timberlake finally reveals why he left *NSYNC, in the February issue of The Hollywood Reporter. Two of the main reasons the Sexyback singer states are that he cared more about music then some of his band members and that he was growing out of the boy band lifestyle. Timberlake further explains his feelings, 

“I felt like I had other music I wanted to make and that I needed to follow my heart.”

When it comes to his love of acting and singing, the father of one had this to say,

“I want to do both things. I really do idolize the golden era of Hollywood, when actors were required to sing and move.”

Justin Timberlake’s full interview hits newstands February 17th.


Drabble Game + Klaroline + Number 41 + “You’re going out dressed like that?”

“You’re going out dressed like that?”

Caroline suddenly felt self conscious, looking down at her fitted, black dress that skimmed mid thigh and her red, sky high Manolos. “What’s wrong?” She asked, smoothing down her golden waves as she said it. “Is my lipstick smudged or something?”

“Your lipstick is just fine,” he murmured. “It’s just, uh, do you think maybe something a little longer and looser might be better?”

“I’m going to my Bachelorette Party Klaus, how else do you expect me to dress?”

“Well, not like Katherine for starters.” Caroline didn’t respond just placed her hands on hips, her eyebrows raised. “Look, all I’m asking for is some extra fabric, love,” he pleaded. “I don’t want men drooling over my girl.”

“As flattered as I am by the compliment even though it feels like I’ve been transported back to the 1950s, I don’t think it really matters given I only have eyes for my extremely jealous fiance."  

"It’s not you I don’t trust, it’s them, sweetheart,” he growled, moving closer and running his hands down her sides.


“Those strippers and whoever else Katherine has lined up for this evening,” he replied, pulling her closer and placing his hands strategically on her taut ass. “I don’t want anyone looking at you like I look at you.”

“While that’s extremely sweet and protective,” she murmured, combing her fingers through his curls. “This is my last night of freedom and you had exactly the same opportunity last weekend.”

“I escaped as soon as possible and came back home to ravage you senseless. Which by the way Kol will never let me live down.  I seem to recall you were extremely happy with my little wake-up call, love.” Klaus growled, finding her neck with his lips and placing kisses along its length.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, lost in the moment. “That’s not fair.”

“How is me doing this not fair?" Klaus mumbled into her skin as he continued his assault.

"I love you,” she panted. “But I deserve this night, it’s a rite of passage after all and I would also pay to see Rebekah pole dance.”

“Now, that’s a visual I didn’t need,” he drawled, finally relinquishing his hold on her neck.

“From tomorrow onwards you have my full and undivided attention which includes all of my last minute, bridezilla demands.”

“I suppose,” he pouted uncharacteristically, those crimson lips and impressive dimples tempting her to stay in tonight.

Caroline wasn’t interested in strippers but she was a stickler for tradition and she was going to experience everything she could as a bride to be. She didn’t like to admit it aloud but she loved being the centre of attention.

“Just remember that you don’t need to stuff $1 bills in my underwear to get what you want, love.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, Mikaelson,” Caroline grinned, capturing her lips with his hungrily, not caring about the state of her lipstick. In two weeks Caroline was going to be Mrs Mikaelson and she considered herself so unbelievably blessed.

A car horn sounded out and she broke the kiss prematurely. “I love you.” She was gone before he could reply, her cute ass wiggling in retreat in that dress.

“Klaus,” she whispered. He awoke with a start hours later, the vibrations from her voice causing sensations to ripple throughout his half asleep body.

“Mmmm,” he murmured, loving the feeling of her hands making their way down his bare back and settling on his tight, black boxers. 

“Turns out after all the hype bachelorette parties aren’t all that exciting,” she sighed, biting into his shoulder. “Although I admit I did bring sexyback tonight.” Klaus turned over slowly, regarding her curiously his eyes finally adjusting to the darkness

“I certainly have no doubt about that, although your sexy never disappeared, love, in fact it’s rubbing against me as we speak." 

"And that’s exactly why I’m marrying you. You know nothing compares to being right here with my future husband. I just wish we were already married.” .  

“I know how much you appreciate tradition and as much as I want to be your husband, I’m willing to wait until we say ‘I do’. I can’t say I’m not happy that you cut your night short to see me.”

“It’s always going to be you,” she grinned, stradling him possesively and unzipping her dress seductively. “I might have even saved you some $1 bills, fiance."     


Ylvis - Striptease with fan (live) - Pohoda festival 2017