serendipitous-fish  asked:

Got some terezi headcanons you'd like to share?

Actually, doing 4TV has given me a lot of them! A lot of this is headcanon, but there is some canon analysis here too. 

  • Terezi’s intense reaction to Latula was due to so much more than a simple inferiority complex. When she met Latula, all she could see was someone who had everything she didn’t. In her head, Latula was who she COULD have been if she didn’t make so many dumb mistakes.
  • Aspects are meant to challenge players, so they don’t necessarily reflect the things they are already good at. For example, at first one might think that something called “Mind” is really fitting for Terezi since she is good at reading/manipulating people, and in a way that is totally correct. But the Mind aspect isn’t necessarily based on reading other people. It also contains an element of intrapersonal intelligence! When Terezi used her powers against Vriska, she didn’t just anticipate the result of Vriska’s actions. She was shown the result of HER actions. Terezi has absolutely struggled with making bad choices through the whole story, and this struggle boils down to her having trouble understanding herself.  
  • Basically, aspects are the things you SHOULD be good at, or WOULD be good at if you were at or near your peak potential. Yes, they should be a challenge for you, but the challenge is entirely based around your realistic capabilities. If you didn’t have the potential to be good at your aspect, you wouldn’t have it! 
  • (General Dancestor headcanon) The dancestors not only look alike, they sound similar too. They are almost carbon copies of each other genetically, so it would make sense for them to have similar voices (or at the very least they would be able to imitate each other pretty well)!
  • Okay let’s do some lighter headcanons! Ummmmmm…
  • Terezi has a set of scalemate PJs which she will use whenever she feels like wearing something more cozy than her regular clothes to bed. Basically, it’s her most comfortable special occasion/not feeling well/TREAT YO SELF sleepwear. They are the exact same pattern as her boxers.
  • Terezi’s dragon hoodie from Namco High has a not so innocent origin story. She made it by alchemizing her dragon cape and boxers together and…let’s just say she was aiming for something a bit more…RISQUE than a hoodie.
  • Okay, I’ll spell it out. She tried to make sexy dragon lingerie.
  • Terezi and Karkat met in a MMO of some kind years before the events of Sgrub. They were among the first of the 12 trolls to become friends.
  • Every single headcanon that involves frequent Dragonmom visits has my full support.
  • Terezi used to be immune to Vriska’s “manipul8tion” tricks.
  • She isn’t anymore.

(Okay it’s late so I am gonna stop there!)