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Top 10 Tyler Moments AND/OR Jamie Moments

why would i ever pass up an opportunity to tell everyone how much i love tyler seguin? here’s a lot of videos and a few images of tyler being an adorable sexy mofo.

1. Biosteel Man of Steel compilation vid (aka, look at this fucker in his batman shirt) #armsfordaysyo

2. this awkward but informative Barstool “The Life” video about his totally rad house (i would kill for his kitchen, bar and wine room. like seriously they’re amazing) and life. there is so much innuendo it’s not funny guys. ((this is the vid with the “i don’t drink” and “i’m a virgin” lines. like, he’s such an asshole and i love him.))((also he likes older women and is definitely the stereotype of fuckboii with a heart of gold))

3. i know tyler and jamie pranking their moms is a popular video that goes around, but there’s also a follow up where their moms prank them back and like i love their relationships. like tyler’s mom sells it, and jamie is such a lovely son.

4. and then there’s the payback on cabbie. like, tyler and his mom are adorable assholes and you can totally see where he gets his giggle and sense of humor from

5. this round table feat tavares and giroux. he gives claude so much shit and it’s so great cause they’re all adorable (feat claude and his weird bro-french accent)

6. um yes. (i can only have five videos so here is the footage and here are gifs)

7. his aggressive shaving of poor JoBenn #deadinside

8. i love it whenever tyler is supreme dog dad (his instagram stories give me life) but that interview that gerry interrupted was so cute

9. here. have some marshall and cash content so they don’t feel left out.

10. You didn’t really think I’d do a list of favourite Tyler moments and not include this right?

I remember back in the day when I was only in love with one hockey player damn that was the golden age. ‘Twas a simpler time for sure

Tyler Seguin - Home (Requested)

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A/N: Sorry for the delay I forgot to bring my laptop to work with me this morning so I had to wait to get home to post it. Hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Some sexy talk and handsy Seguin but no smut.

Word Count: 726

Request: “Watch your hands.” one with Tyler Seguin? Maybe he’s trying to be handsy with you and it’s driving you crazy and you try to not fall into it.

“Tyler stop” you mumbled under your breath as you smiled at the couple sitting across from you. You guys were currently stuck at a charity gala. You were seated at a table with some big donators and you were supposed to be making nice, well Tyler was supposed to be. He, however, was distracting himself by tracing teasing lines on your thigh. 

“Let’s go home” he whispered back.

“We just got here,” you said and took a small bite of the salad in front of you. You wanted nothing more than to go home but with Tyler’s small amount of willpower, you knew that it was up to you to keep him on task. You heard a groan from Tyler before he took his hand away and started chatting up the other couples at the table. 

Another hour or so passed without issue until you got up to go to the bathroom. You excused yourself and headed out of the hall. As soon as you found yourself in the empty lobby you felt someone’s hands wrap around your waist and pull you back. 

“Did I tell you how good you look tonight?” Tyler whispered into your ear causing shivers to crawl up your back as he turned you around to face him. You took a moment to appreciate him, the way his eyes twinkled and the way he left his face a little scruffy because that’s the way you like it. 

“You don’t look too bad yourself” you smiled and answered as you let one of your hands go up to caress his cheek.  

“Now that that’s out of the way can we go home because I can’t wait to get you out of this dress,” he said and you noticed his eyes go dark with lust and his hands moved from your waist to rest on your ass and squeeze a little. He pulled you tightly against him so you could feel his hardness against your stomach. 

“Watch your hands Mr. Seguin” you scolded “there are cameras here and you still have a speech to make. I promise that after that we can say our goodbyes and get out of here and then you can do whatever you want for the rest of the night” 

“Whatever I want?” Tyler asked with a raised brow. 

“Yes whatever you want,” you said as seductively as you could. 

“Fine,” Tyler said and let go of you, giving you a small peck on the cheek before you saw him readjust his pants to try and hide what he had going on down there.  He gave you a wink before heading back into the hall to get ready for his speech. 

The speech passed smoothly, with Jamie and Tyler both thanking all the donators for their time and so on. They kept it short and simple with a couple of jokes to carry the audience through it. 

As soon as it was done you watched as Tyler started walking around the room, saying his goodbyes. 

“Tyler looks eager to get out of here,” Katie said with a laugh as she watched Tyler walk around saying goodbyes to important people before making a beeline towards you. 

“Yeah he has some other plans for the night,” you said. Katie just laughed, she understood. It had been a particularly rough schedule this season with the boys on the road for long periods of time. 

“Good for you girl,” Katie said with a wink “I’m gonna drag Jamie out of here soon too. He just looks too yummy in that suit” she added and gave you a hug before waving goodbye to Tyler who was finally at your side. 

“Alright pretty lady it’s time to go home,” Tyler said as he wrapped your shawl around your shoulders, you hadn’t even noticed that you forgot it at your table.

“I was just starting to have fun,” you said with a fake pout. 

“Oh no way, my duties are done and it’s time to get you home. You said the rest of the night was mine to plan.” He said as he grabbed your hand and started to pull you towards the exit. 

“At the rate you’re going are we even going to make it home?” you asked as Tyler slipped his hand from yours and wrapped it around your waist. 

“Oh baby you’ll just have to wait and see,” Tyler said with a wink.

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I have a headcanon that Tyler sends nudes to Jamie during the summer. And I laugh when I think about Jodie accidentally seeing one.

haha! oh no, Jamie’s face would burst into  f l a m e s  if jordie saw them (“damn chubbs, are you catfishing seggy?”). and whenever he got them. but imagine if he actually gathered up the courage to send one back; tyler would totes get a full on anime nosebleed.

See, I kinda headcanon that Jamie “accidentally” gets off to one of Seg’s shirtless selfies from the summer. and spends the rest of his time off being a blushing guilty mess. and avoiding talking to tyler. or turning into a stuttering mess when he does. because he got off to his best friend.

Tyler works it out pretty quickly and starts sending increasingly teasing and risque snaps to him in hopes that JaBenn will take a hint and buy what he’s selling. 

it ends with messy sexy times against the wall when the finally both get back to Dallas- repressed Jamie is determined Jamie.