BTS Reaction to you dancing sexy

Requested by this loved one: @awesomekpopangel

Hey I love your blog😄😄can you do a bts reaction to their gf dancing to umbrella by rihanna (sexy dance) in water for a performance😁😁😄😄thank you keep up the good work I really love it


Jin would be SO proud of you! He would make sure to be the loudest backstage, cheering on his baby.

“My jagi is so talented!”

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Rap Monster:

He would be so happy for you, getting to dance on a stage. You would shine so bright in his eyes, and that dance surely didn’t hurt his eyes one bit.

I feel like he would get a little jealous over all those men, looking at his jagi, but he would be by you a 100%!

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He would annoy the fuck out of the others, talking non stop about how amazing you are, and how talented you are.


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I feel like Suga would really enjoy the performance, but still be quite satisfied when you would step off the scene or dance another dance. He wouldn’t be too comfortable with all those guys looking at you.

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He would look so much up to you.

The fans cheering and you dancing for your life, he would feel SO fucking proud and happy for you. He would feel a little tingly when you grinded or when the water splashed in your face, giving him a few naughty thoughts..

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He would literally dance quietly in the side, falling into the dance headspace. He would feel a little awkward when the dance got a little too much, but he wouldn’t complain, never.

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