[News] NU’EST will release a new single on July 25th. Pledis has clarified it is a gift for fans  and will not be promoted.

Similar to “I’m Bad” 3rd-anniversary special single.

Honestly, I’m shocked. I thought Hello 2017 was our gift, for all the pain over the years and heart break of produce 101. That was enough to last me a long time, the fact that they are giving us another present when they don’t have too is so heartwarming. When it comes out please get (free available) melon passes to stream, and stream the video. We will be able to buy this single, It will not cost a lot AT ALL so please buy it on Itunes, Google Play and Korean platforms.

This is their 1st release without MIinhyun please support them.


The Brief History of: Jessica’s Lingerie Shop

In 1989, Walt Disney Co. opened Pleasure Island as a way to keep adults on the Walt Disney World property after dark. Pleasure Island was restricted to guests 21+ (unless accompanied by an adult), and consisted mainly of shops, dance clubs and over-priced bars.

A year later, in 1990, Disney opened Jessica’s (often mistakenly referred to as ‘Jessica’s of Hollywood’) on Pleasure Island. Jessica’s was a small shop originally billed as a lingerie store, although the majority of what was inside was actually Jessica Rabbit-themed souvenirs like t-shirts, magnets, beach towels, etc. A giant, neon Jessica – complete with slowly swinging leg – hung outside, immediately becoming a popular photo-op for theme park and animation fans. The sign was designed by comic book artist Mark Marderosian, who also designed much of the merchandise sold in the shop.

Sadly, Jessica’s didn’t last long. The shop closed in February of 1993, after only three years of operation. The neon Jessica was placed high atop the 'Pleasure Island Tonight!’ sign that hung above Pleasure Island, acting as the area’s visual 'weenie.’ The sign hung there until June 2006, when it was removed as part of a Disney-mandated 'clean-up’ of the area. Pleasure Island closed two years later, in September of 2008. In its place came Hyperion Wharf/Disney Springs, a safe, predictable, all-ages shopping and dining area.

R.I.P. semi-dangerous Disney, Jessica’s lingerie shop and the giant, sexy, neon Jessica Rabbit sign. You will be missed.

the losers halloween costumes

- Richie and Eddie had been dating for a few months now, and had decided to have matching costumes

- Richie INSISTED on going dressed as an old lady

- “C’mon, Babe,” Richie whined, “I go as an old woman, and YOU, sir, get to go as the life alert remote!”

- “Richie, what the fuck.” Eddie groaned.

- Richie had made Eddie a cardboard sign to wear around his neck that read “LIFE ALERT” in bold black letters on the front and back

- Ben and Beverly kept it simple

- Ben went as Almond Joy and Bev went as Mounds

- The back of Ben’s costume read “I’ve Got Nuts” and Bev’s read “I Don’t”

- Richie literally screeched when he read the backs

- Eddie almost pissed himself laughing

- Mike, Stan, and Bill went as Regina, Gretchen, and Karen in THEIR halloween costumes from Mean Girls

- Mike was Regina and dressed up as a sexy “rabbit”

- Stan was Karen ALL BECAUSE he wanted the exception to say “I’m a mouse, duh!” in a bitchy tone all night

- And Bill went as Gretchen in her tight ass cat costume

- Bill made a big speech about the costume, asking The Losers not to poke fun at him the entire night

- “N-now listen… i-it’s h-ha-halloween.. the one night a y-ye-year guys and gi-girls can d-dress up and n-not get slut s-sh-shamed!”

- “Do guys even GET slut shamed?”

- “F-fuck off Richie.”