Dating BTS would include......


  • Food related dates
  • squishy nicknames 
  • laughing for 8 minutes straight 
  • warm fluffy hugs
  • a calm unproblematic life


  • *cue seagull screaming from the both of you at three a.m*  
  • random body gags
  • shitty puns
  • getting hype af when one of you does something cute
  • being sunshines together 

Rap monster:

  • buying spare cups in case the other ones broke
  • jamming out to music in the car with hyena singing and weird body rolls and the people in the cars next to you debating whether to call the police or the ambulance   
  • half of his mixtape is about you 
  • matching ootds
  • dimple poking


  • binge watching animes
  • random ass texts
  • everyone looks at you both weirdly 
  • endless loveydovey moments 
  • alien mode activates randomly 


  • you being the only ones allowed to diss each other 
  • chilling on the couch with cuddles here and there 
  • rare ‘ i love you’s but very sincerely said
  • teasing is considered PDA
  • shit ton of deep ass lyrics dedicated to you


  • cute smol handholding
  • warm kisses
  • ice cream dates
  • shared sweaters
  • either chimchim or daddy!jimin no in between 


  • Awkward laughter 
  • cute compliments
  • occasional sexy muscle pig kook
  • inside jokes
  • random moments where you both do weird shit no one understands