me, looking at WoW art:

why is

me, looking at my own soul: 

why do you think the panda is sexy

me, looking in a mirror:

i’m a god damn furry aren’t i


#photoshoot with the panda be like

normal selca with weird FAB-U-LOUS leg position  

Addition of le sexy finger 

Nah that was too sexy… mid sexy will do…don’t want to kill ma fangirls


That you’re not wearing gucci, get out look

#judging you 

*looks away* I don’t even want to see your peasant clothing  

And concluding the shoot, oh the irony, by shooting all the haters

A day in the life of tao..

EXO M: Reaction: When someone interrupts your sexy time.


*Having sexy time in your brand new apartment when the other members lock themselves into your apartment, and heard the screaming and banging from a certain room. They barged in, thinking something was wrong*

“So, would you like to watch or..?” 


*You guys just started. You were alone in the house (at least that’s what you thought). When his mom, and what looked like the new owners of the house came crashing in*

“Hi mom.. Hi people. Don’t worry, i’m taking this bed with me”


*You finally convinced to be a bit more dominant in bed. He was really rough, until your cat sat on the other side of the window glass*

“Oh my god, Mr. Unicorn! I’m so sorry! I promise i will never do this whenever you’re around!”


*You and Chen had been sneaking around, hiding your relationship from his manager, he hid himself to bust you two. Even though Chen saw his manager barge in, he just kept thrusting*

“Can’t you see i’m in the middle of something? So rude”


*You and Luhan were kinky that night and you cuffed him to the bed. By mistake, Sehun came home early and saw you two*

“No wait, Sehun! She means nothing to me!”


*You haven’t seen each other for two months and were deeply into each other when Baekhyun barged in not giving one f** what you were up to*

Baek: “Guys, this shirt or this?”


Baek: “Fine..”

Kris: “Did you hear something jagi?

Bias Reaction: When they see you in cute underwear


Himchan: awww look at those cute little panda bears~

Y/N: yah oppa it supposed to be sexy -pouts-

HM: oh yeah… did I say cute? I meant sexy little panda bears *still think they are cute and can’t stop staring*

P-goon: “o-oh wow th-that’s….*speechless*

Y/N: do you not like them?

PG: No No No I love them they are so cute, you look good in pink bows

Gohn: “you know that is soo cute but you know what would make it cuter?

Y/N: if it was on the ground *says sarcastically*

Gohn: that’s right baby

Leo: so your wearing that to bed? just those panties and that bra? nothing eles? do you still want me to sleep in the bed with you? should I sleep on the couch? since when did you get those by the way?

Y/N: in that order…. yes, yes, nope, yes, no, I’ve always had these. any more question Mr. Worrisome?

Leo: Uh…… nope…… *internally screaming* 

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This was so easy to made and My little anonie was worried it was too much.

Sweet little thing. They are rare people *nod and sighs*

Okay then as usually here is the Mastior Listor (master list) For more wonderful Reaction

________________________________________________________________ Also this could be a cool new thing. Bias reaction so you can just see your bias from any groups. This would also be easy on me and I could write more for the reaction. So if you just want to see certain people from groups (3 or more) then just request, i’ll be happy to do them. These take like 30 minutes to do (cause my computer is slow) but very fun to do and easy. I hope this becomes a thing