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art, art, art, arrrrrrt.  okay, i’m done.  except.  also.  y’know.  ART!

Lydia’s a study in disinterest.  Gaze stretching out across campus, lips pursed in judgment of the impromptu Frisbee match forming on the quad, position oriented to scarcely acknowledge that she’s standing with Stiles.

Stiles is tempted to tell her to drop the act because once obsession with someone has been coded into his DNA, there’s not so much as a micro-expression that he’s likely to miss.  He’s definitely already caught on to and catalogued the shrewdness that has been attacking her face all day.  She knows something but she doesn’t know what she knows and she’s been hawk-eyed and predatory ever since she figured out that much.

Stiles is not going to encourage any of that, thanks much.  Side note: why is everyone around him comparable to some type of bird?  Not that he’s thinking about hummingbirds, because he isn’t.  He could be, but he’s not, because he’s in control of his brain and he’s decided: no.  Crap.  Firstly, he’s totally thinking about hummingbirds.  Second-of-ly, what kind of bird would that make him?  Oh man, probably some kind of friggin’ goose.

He hates geese.

Now he knows it’s likely because he’s subconsciously recognized a kinship to them.

“If you had to pick a feathered representation for me, it wouldn’t be a goose, right?”

Years of following his bullet-speed trains of thought has led to Lydia taking that completely in stride.  She doesn’t even bother to look up at him, hand fishing in her purse for her phone to check the time.  “A seabird probably,” she offers, lighting up the screen, “they’re clumsy on land.”

“Well that’s a self-esteem boost I didn’t know I needed,” Stiles says dryly.  “You’re a true humanitarian, Lyds.  Also, the correct answer was secret option C) some kind of dinosaur.  I would’ve preferred stegosaurus, for the record.”

She brushes the hair out of her face, glances at him.  “I could have said a hoatzin.”

Stiles has legitimately no idea what that is.  “Th… anks?”  He thinks. Probably.

“More commonly known as stinkbirds.  You’re welcome,” she confirms.  Her gaze is less glancing, more stripping and Stiles pretends not to notice.  “Expert deflection, Stiles, truly.”  She golf claps mockingly and Stiles glares back at her.  “Now what are you deflecting?”

“If I tell you, they’ll revoke my ‘expert’ status,” Stiles points out smartly, “And rip up my ribbon.  I can’t have that, I’ve already put it in the family newsletter.”

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Ayato: *singing* I’m bringing sexy back~

Laito: Bringing sexy back?

Laito: There’s no need to. I’m already here.

Do I really need to arrest you ?

Request: Jungkook smut you guys are both cops but don’t talk to each other, he finds you sexy though. One night both people had to stay after to work on cases and things get sexy heated. Thanks to @a-beautifuldayna for requesting!!!

Requests are open!!

A/N: This is my first ever request woahh. Since Jungkook is my bias wrecker and I really wanted to write about him anyways I’m really happy that this got requested. There’s a 75% chance that I want to continue this and write that car smut as well.

Genre. Smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word count: 1.5 k

“Officer Jeon would you please come to my office we need to talk about this case again.”

You sat behind your desk, eyes following him as he walked towards your boss office. Officer Jeon Jungkook. You’ve been working in the police department for 2 years now and he was the most annoying little shit you’ve ever met. He came here last year when a few of the old officers retired. You two never talked to each other and if you did he was such an arrogant dick, with his cocky smile and raised eyebrow. Sometimes you caught him staring at you but you mostly pretended you didn’t notice him.

The only feeling you had for him was hatred and you were sure that feeling was mutual.

It had been a really busy week and you had so much stuff to do. The clock on your desk told you it was already 9pm. Most officers had left the department, but this report had to be finished by tomorrow morning. You sighed. It seemed like you would have to spend the night here to finish your work.

About half an hour later a voice interrupted your work.

“I’ll go home now too, make sure you get some sleep later and don’t overwork yourself.”

It was your friend and co-worker Amy, who was already at the door waving at you. You nodded and waved back. Right when you were about to go back to your report you noticed that someone else was still there. You glanced around the office filled with desks.

Officer Jeon Jungkook. Of course. Out of all the people working here he decided to stay the same night as you. You stared at him for a moment. He was really attractive you had to admit. If he wouldn’t be so cocky with his I’m better than everyone attitude you could maybe like him. But you didn’t.

“Do you want anything baby?”

“Stop calling me that!”

“Why? No one is here anyways.”

“But I’m not your baby.”

“Do you want to be?”

“Just shut up and let me finish my work.”

You turned your head down and tried to focus on your report again. After approximately half an hour your computer froze for the third time in a row and you let out a frustrated groan.

“Having some troubles, princess?”

“I swear to god, stop calling me pet names! We never even talk to each other so we don’t need to start now.”

He stood up from behind his desk and walked towards you. You followed all of his motions with your eyes careful of what he’d do next. When he arrived at your desk he stood behind you and started massaging your shoulders.

“You seem a bit tense, maybe I could help you relax a little.”

“What do you even want from me now? You don’t give two shits about me when we’re working unless you feel the need to show off your successful cases to me.”

“But what if I do give two shits about you and have really poor skills when it comes to approaching girls?”

“Then your skills are really really pathetic.”

He smirked down at you and suddenly spun you around in your char and capturing you in a kiss. His lips felt soft and warm against yours and all you wanted to do is melt into his kiss. But you didn’t cause this was freaking Jeon Jungkook and you had no clue why he just kissed you. You pulled away, pushing slightly against his chest. He groaned at the loss of your lips.

“Do I really need to arrest you before you give in to me?”

He looked at you with dark eyes and a smirk that screamed to be slapped of his face. Your brain told you not to give in but the obvious wetness between your legs told you something entirely different. Subconsciously you rubbed your legs together. You thought he wouldn’t notice a slight motion like this, but you were dead wrong. He wanted you and now he knew that you wanted him as well, he didn’t need anything more. In a matter of seconds he pulled you out of your chair and motioned you to jump and wrap your legs around his waist. His mouth captured yours again and you didn’t even try to pull away. His tongue explored every inch of your mouth. You tangled your hands in his hair as he carried you to his empty desk and for a split second you wondered if he even had a reason in the first place to stay here over night. The next second his mouth was wandering over your neck finding all your sweet spots and sucking hickies onto your skin. You moaned at the delicious feeling of his lips against your neck and he felt encouraged to go on.

His hands went under your shirt, pulling it up and you raised your arms to help him taking it off. Your bra followed right after and his hands reached for your boobs, delicately stroking over your nipples. He played with them for a while enjoying how you squirmed under him. When his mouth reached your nipple and he started sucking it gently your back arched and a whimper escaped your lips. His hands reached for the button of your pants and he opened them with skilled fingers. When he reached straight for your core, stroking his fingers over your soaking wet panties, he pulled away from your nipple and looked at you with a dark gaze.

“You tell me I shouldn’t call you baby or princess yet you get incredibly wet when I do it, huh princess? I think I will only call you pet names from now on.”

“Don’t you dare Officer Jeon Jungkook.”

He raised an eyebrow at you addressing him as Officer but he wouldn’t complain. In one swift motion he pulled your pants down, along with your soaked panties and threw them carelessly away. You were sat there fully exposed to him whilst he was fully clothed, so you tugged at the hem of his shirt. He took it off and you could see that he worked out regularly. His abs were visible and his arms looked so strong. You knew you were staring but you couldn’t look away, he looked so good.

“I guess you like what you see?”

“Oh yeah, Officer, I do.”

He smirked at your sudden sincerity before he kneeled down in front of you. Your breath hitched in your throat as he didn’t waste any time to start circling your clit with his index finger in an agonizingly slow pace.

“You’re dripping on my desk, baby… I can’t wait to feel you wrapped tightly around my cock.”

He slowly pushed a finger inside of you and you released a loud moan. He pulled it all the way out and added a second finger pushing them inside as slow as possible. Your eyes were pleading him to go faster but he didn’t seem to bother.

“Jungkook please I need more.”

“I thought it was Officer Jungkook.”

Officer Jungkook please go faster and stop teasing me.”

He finally complied to your pleads and picked up a faster rhythm, thrusting his fingers into you roughly. He pressed his thumb on your clit, rubbing messy circles onto it as you started clenching around his fingers.

“J-Jungkook I don’t think I can’t hold it any l-longer.”

“Make sure you scream loudly baby, I want the whole city to hear.”

With an especially loud moan of his name you came undone around his fingers. You saw tiny stars behind your closed eyelids whilst Jungkook made sure that you were entirely done before removing his fingers from you.

“Should I show you how well I can use my mouth too?”

“No please, not now, just fuck me Officer Jungkook. You can show me how good you’re with your mouth another time.”

“Another time, huh? I’ll make sure to lock your pretty hands above your head and then I will show you how good I’m with my mouth until you’re begging for me to stop.”

He discarded his pants and boxers as well. You whined desperately for him to hurry up. He picked you up from the desk and sat down on his office chair, pulling you onto his lap. He crossed his hands behind his head and smirked down at you.

“And now, ride me baby.”

You were far too impatient to care about his cockiness so you positioned his cock at your entrance and slowly sunk down on him. Both of you moaned in pleasure.

“You feel so good, so tight wrapped around my dick.”

His hands were on your waist as he helped you to a steady rhythm. You were bouncing on his lap as best as you could but it wasn’t enough.

“M-More Officer Jungkook.”

“More? You’re asking me to fuck you harder? As you wish, princess.”

He lifted you both up whilst you were still inside of him and placed you back on the desk. This way he had more control and he really liked having control. Your hands gripped his shoulders tightly as he began pounding into you roughly. He found the right angle hitting your spot with every thrust as your fingernails buried themselves into his back. You couldn’t stop yourself from moaning his name over and over.

“I’m s-so close.”

You whined desperately and he placed his fingers back on your clit and started rubbing it messily, determined to make you cum quickly. You lost it then and there, clenching around him whilst digging your fingers in his shoulders. Your walls clenching around his dick tipped him over the edge soon after you and he let out a broken moan of your name.

“You don’t know how long I wanted to do this.”

You were both panting as he pulled out of you and you both stayed in your positions for about a minute to catch your breath again.

He moved first grabbing your clothes and throwing them at you, dressing himself as well. When you were both dressed you stood there glaring at him unsure of what to do now. Jungkook just came walking up to you and grabbed you by the waist, pulling you up to him. He pressed a soft yet passionate kiss on your lips.

“I’ll ask the boss tomorrow if we can be partners next week, I always wanted to fuck in a police car.”

Guys Guys Guys GUYS

I know that Hide is the absolute gem in the Remake when he suggested Kaneki to wear a swimsuit and to talk about poop, not to mention we he fucked with the TG fandom with the bedroom eye and the seductive(?) Eto-Donato smirk


Hide (sexily) drinking his Cappuccino. 

okay listen, please consider,

More tall, tall broad shouldered Pharahs

also more sweaty pharahs, probably with her hair just plastered to her skull from bein in that helmet for any longer than six seconds on a sunny day bc i mean cmon

anonymous asked:

Your art is so dynamic; it's like an interpretive dance and it's beautiful.

oh my gosh. ‘Nonny you are so incredibly sweet. Thank you. o u o

 Art tip? Sketch from your shoulder. Bigger Gestures mean more dynamic lines. And you’ll have one super jacked sexy shoulder. Just one though. lol

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I follow you

Here I am lurking again, wishing that I had the guts to say something to you. Your writing moves me in ways I’ve never been moved. You have fans! Real fans that actually write in to you and ask you questions, and I sit up late into the night reading your answers. You’re so clever and funny, with the right amount of sarcasm and compassion. It’s no wonder everyone wants to know you, including me. 

I’m afraid to send you a message, for fear that you might not respond. You’re too busy with all your thousands upon thousands of followers to respond to little old me. I love the way you write as much as I love the way you banter with your followers, and I love the photos they send in of themselves for you to post. You probably get more submissions in a day than I have gotten in the whole lifetime of my blog. How do you do it? How is it that you are so damned sexy even though no one has ever really seen a photo of you?

You hide, anonymous behind a picture that we all know isn’t you. Yet whenever I see a picture of a man wearing a suit like the one in your photo I get instantly wet. You’ve somehow trained me without having ever spoken to me. I follow you, and I’ll keep following you as long as you remain here on tumblr. Your blog is the one blog I read every single day as if it’s the newspaper. I lurk here in the shadows, following you from afar. Sometimes I think about you, and I wonder if I should try to message you, if I should send in a naked photo of myself like all the other girls do, or if I should just give up before I even start. I’m nothing special. Not really. I’m just another girl that follows you. 


@aarontveitmybroadwayboyfriend here are my 5 fave pics of Aaron. This took way to long to narrow down the initial “favorites” (like 50) to just 5 but I am happy with the final ones. A little bit of everything. 😍🔥❤️💋😘


Marrish AU for deputysbanshee:

Lydia bets that Jordan can’t beat her in a fight, but she knows he can, she just wanted a reason to invite him out for coffee.

once bitten

a Bellarke vampire AU

She wakes with drops of blood on her lips. They land, wet, dark, metal over her mouth, seeping gently through her lips, onto her tongue, soaking into her until she slowly opens her eyes. Eyes that haven’t opened in nearly a century. And her first instinct is to attack.

She senses more than sees something in the corner, something warm, and she lunges at the soft, beating flesh, the blood thrumming beneath the skin, the warm, hot mess of a human she wants, needs to devour, and before he can blink she has her hand in his hair, her mouth open in a snarl, her fangs descending, and he barely has time to draw out his cross to keep her at bay.

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man I swear to god if this guy makes one more comment about how “sexy” I am, I’m going to break his fucking jaw
like I clearly said “that makes me really uncomfortable, please never do it again” and he kept on
what the fuck is wrong with this straight boy