Practice Makes Perfect (A Liam Payne Dirty Imagine Part 2)

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You can literally feel the tension between you and Liam as his grounds his hips against yours. The friction goes hard on your sensitive member, making you let out a slight whimper. However, soon enough, you find yourself grinding him back just as hard.

“Did someone miss me?” Liam nibbled on your ear, making you groan.

“Y-yes,” you swallow hard, “I missed you a lot.”

“Prove it.”

Letting yourself quiver ever so slightly, you grab the back of your boyfriend’s head, placing wet kisses down his neck. You can hear him breathing heavily as you move further and further down; and the next thing you know, you’re just above the hem of his boxers.

Being as impatient as he is, Liam quickly pulls down his shorts in one swift movement, stepping out of them. You smirk, taking the waistband of his boxers back, snapping them back into place with one sound. He whimpers in response, gripping your shoulders firmly as you get on your knees. You begin to grab him through his boxers, palming him slowly; and you feel him harden underneath your grasp.

“Quit teasing,” he chokes out, squeezing your shoulders gently.

“Then tell me what you were doing before I got here,” you challenge, and he instantly shuts his mouth, biting his lip. “Whatever you say, Payne.” You say, pulling down his boxers the slightest bit.

His length shoots out, hitting his stomach softly. He growls at the sight of that, and your smirk only grows bigger. He restlessly pulls down his boxers all the way, so that the black material rests just at his ankles. Your hands wrap around his shaft, rubbing slowly and firmly.

“C'mon, Y/N!” He whines like a little kid.

“Tell me,” you fight back, tapping the head against your plump lips.

A sinister look flashes in his eyes, before he grabs himself, pushing it between your lips. You whimper, trying to fit him completely. He lets out a raspy moan, as if it came fresh from the back of his throat. He begins thrusting into your mouth, and you rub whatever can’t fit inside. 

“Choke on it,” he says shakily. “You’ve missed this so bad.”

You gag when you feel his head poke at the back of your throat, so you grab his hips and push him in as far as you can handle. You manage to fit him completely down your throat, making him moan loudly.

“Fuck, Y/N,” he grunts. “I’m gonna cum.”

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