Awwwwweeeeee me loves his very and vvery cute smile when he is look to the side.:3He seems like majorly sweet cute man whom me love, I do everything I can to avoids fine lines and wringkels but on him they are so beautiful and distuinginsh. i like that he haves is an easter basket neck tat. I love his ears and hair and face and mustass. He looks a little bit drunk but in a good way

Ahh so cuuuteeee^^ He is remind me of a cute guy,,,,, whos is a science teacher for highschool^^ His head shape is just perfect for to put my genitals in :) Andh e looksl ike he would smile and be grarteful for my body! And wamt to have a coffee after copulaation but we could not cuz hes is in jail but a queen kan dreammm 

Happy Birthday Sofia Vergara

Happy Birthday @SofiaVergara :) Cheers from the #UndefinableVision family! #SofiaVergara #Cancer #Birthday

Happy Birthday Sofia Vergara

It’s July 10th and we wish Sofia Vergara a very Happy Birthday.

Sofia is an actress,comedian, producer, television host, and model born on July 10th in Barranquilla, Colombia. She is best known for playing Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on Modern Family and appearing in films like Meet the Browns, Madea Goes to Jail, Happy Feet Two and Machete Kills. She is also well known…

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In the teaser Harley does sexy acrobatics in her jail cell and *literally licks a phallic object*. Any hopes I had of them not objectifying her went out the window

yeah well if you watch batman begins for more than the first 2 seconds it turns out that bruce wayne is actually batman so maybe what little we’ve seen isnt enough to base an entire movie on

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How will they react if they go to jail? They will look so sexy in their jail clothes omg I can't control this EXO my ovaries...

they would probably make lots of friends there and take showers with them and be all like “no homo” 




After five years locked up for a crime she didn’t commit, when wild child Coraleen Pettigrew returns home to the small town of Meadowview, it’s with a crash and a bang. Oops!

Straight and narrow Sheriff Remy Toussaint is up for reelection, but the reappearance of Coraleen and the fact that she can’t seem to keep her sexy rear out of jail could cost him the election. Doesn’t help that he’s falling for the girl who’s his opposite in every way.

When the by-the-books sheriff and the former convict connect to prove her innocence, sparks fly and mayhem follows. But after one too many of Coraleen’s hijinks threatens Remy’s reputation, she’s faced with a choice: stay and put Remy’s campaign at risk, or leave and break her own heart. Sometimes love means rules can be broken…but will Remy learn this in time to stop Coraleen from leaving Meadowview for good?



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Always the One (Meadowview Heat, #6) by Rochelle French
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Always the One was a story of courage, redemption, forgiveness and self doubt. Ms. French wrote a story that left me in awe. While reading, I experienced so many emotions ranging from anger and frustration to pride. It took great inner strength for Coraleen to endure the obstacles and scorn that were repeatedly sent her way. Yet despite all the emotional scars and self doubt she handled it all with a grace that was far beyond her years. I was so happy when she finally had someone to believe in and encourage her to trust her own judgement. I was given a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review. Always the One is a tearjerker that will leave you thinking.

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Vent - when little high schoolers take pix of themselves with their boobs hanging out. Your like 16, your not sexy ur just jail bait... do you agree?

I agree. But, I think, at some point, everyone does it. Maybe for just one picture or maybe in a majority of their pictures. You either grow up and look back and regret it and delete the photo or you don’t.