Force Girl The Lady Fett

“It’s cliché but I’m definitely the most like Fett. I’m a no nonsense type of person and I’m all business. I always tell people it’s not personal. I collect action figures and comic books, and anything with Boba Fett on it of course. I’m currently working on a full Lady Fett cosplay! It should be done soon! If I could wield any saber, I would try out Kylo Ren’s new blade for sure!”

Force Girl Brynne

“I think my personality is best described by Leia. According to my father I have quite a princess complex….
I’d love to wield Nace Windu’s saber, solely for the fact it’s purple and has that little bmf on there💁
Han shot first! I mean really, how bad of a shot could Greedo possibly be…
And although I am very proud of my Han cosplay with glitter blood stripes, I would love to have time to make a Twi'lek bounty hunter!😍 It was the character I was told I was most like according to the SW identities exhibit in Paris.”

Check out this dress from! Majora’s Mask Dress!!! <3

Photo credit to Aaron Flud