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It's sexist to find the female body sexy now??? Well I guess everybody on the planet is a damn sexist then. God forbid human beings have normal sexual desires or is attracted to a beautiful sexy man or woman.. Antis are so bitter and bored, they have to constantly invent new things to bitch and whine about.

Yeah, the antis are practically the 21st century iteration of Mary Whitehouse. If they had their way Rey would probably be sent to a space nunnery for her own protection from the lascivious monster Kylo Ren.

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Could you write a MLT really love boobs please? :)

No problem! This is my first original post and I made sure to really put thought in it so I hope you like it!

*These are just my opinions. Don’t take it too seriously and just have fun!*

BTS MLT: Really Love Boobs








Jungkook: I imagine the baby of the group is still easily distracted by boobs, as he probably finds them to be the most feminine and sexy part of the female body. If a girl is wearing something a bit more revealing with cleavage showing, he’s probably trying his best not to stare just out of pure fear of being caught and thought of as a perv.

Jimin: He may come off at times as an adorable little squish, but this boy definitely has to have a secret naughty side. While you’re talking to him about something important, his eyes would drift down to your chest, and as he’s biting his bottom lip thinking about how good they look, you’d yell, “Hey Jimin, eyes up here! Aish ..”

Seokjin: I think Jin wouldn’t really care about size, he would just be happy that they are his to admire. If he was feeling a bit kinkier that day, he might whisper to you on the train “Hey y/n, wanna eat some strawberries when we get home and I’ll drizzle chocolate syrup on you?” You’d turn beat red and slap him on the arm. “Jin, you can’t say that here!” “What? No one heard me..”  

Hoseok: He’d be right in the middle, appreciating both boobs and ass equally. A girl with a nicely proportioned body would catch his attention the most. “Wow, did you see the girl that just walked by? She’s beautiful.” He’d follow you after snapping out of it to get your number.

Namjoon: This boy would definitely appreciate a fuller bust, but more so a nice firm behind. A girl with a little something soft to hold on to at night and spank when she’s bad would drive him crazy (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself XD)

Suga: Being the down to earth, chill guy that he is, looks come second to him after personality. If you carry yourself with confidence, that would be way sexier to him than your breasts. Similar to Namjoon though, I think he’d have a secret kink for your ass. He’d smack it in public when no one was looking and give a little smirk when you look back at him surprised. “What? It just looked so nice I couldn’t help it.”

Taehyung: I don’t think he’d particularly care about your breasts size but I see him as more of an ass man. If you two were lying in bed together, he would tap one cheek and watch it jiggle, then start playing with them like drums. “Wow, the way they move is so amazing!” He’d be hypnotized.