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"Wilford! I bought me a new Halloween costume! Do you like it?" Kat asked, dressed as a sexy cat.

His eyebrows rose up. “My, my, KitKat! What have we here? A little kitty for Willy?” He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close. “Too bad I’m more of a dog person, heh heh..”

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Its official, MM is flopping. I cant even bat my eye open watching the Sexy Cat MV. People will always be biased about it due to slight improvement in the quality and budget. But line distribution still sucks AF! Imagine having 3 leads hogging all the lines and here i thought they worsened it only when zukki was around, but now its obvious UFA still does it and this time its gone too far!

… Are you really criticizing line distribution of getting worse? Sit down and look Morning Musume past in the years. It was hardly ever equal, especially on the A sides. Just looking at your confession and use of words I’m wondering for how long have you actually been around. Especially the fact that you are connecting MM’s “flopping” with line distribution….

I Saw The Japan Series~!

Its Ishida Ayumi

The other day I recorded NHK-san’s program
Since the information has come out I can blog about it👍

On November 6th from 5:00~5:54 PM 
NHK’s “Shibuya Note

The program is a live broadcast but,

the song was recorded the other day in advance🕒✨

But that’s not all

At the live broadcast on the 6th,
we’ll have a talk⚠

For the live talk…I’ll do my best with it…!

Thank you cheering us on✨
Definitely check out the program✨

On November 23rd our 62nd single will be released “Sexy Cat no Enzetsu/Mukidashide Mukiatte/Sou Janai”

There’s a lot of appeal……😮

Lots and lo~ts of events for the new songs,
have been decided!

Individual Handshakes and Cheki as well!

Check out the Home Page frequently🌎

Actually, since yesterday

there is almost no information ban on “Mukidashide Mukiatte” so I will publish the pictures!

These are the costumes  ↓

Morning Musume ‘16 in pink!!
Its a pretty unusual feeling!!

The jackets are a big point……❤

Song and dance, look forward to the MV being published~

Also, its very early but (lol)

Hello! Project 2017 Winter ~ Crystal Clear ~
Hello! Project 2017 Winter ~ Kaleidoscope ~

Next years concert information🕒💃

It’ll be Morning Musume ‘17!!

Soon it’ll be “Morning Musume ‘17″,
I’ll have to register that word on my phone! lol

Members names as well and,

Zogu for  → They were 11! Horizons of the East, Eternity of the West
To for  → TRIANGLE
Ma for  → MY VISION

Like that, for productions and tour titles,

On ayupad,
for Morning Musume ‘14~’16,

I have various words registered (lol)
Its really convenient (lol)

Everyone, do you use it~?

I’ve talked about it but,
at next years Harocon,

℃-ute-san wont be appearing

I can’t really imagine it💦

also, one more special thing,

On my 20th birthday,
On January 7th will be a concert at Nakano Sun Plaza🎂

Early next year, It seems like it’ll be an amazing Harocon

Today my family was watching baseball relay

Completely under the influence of Maria,
I cheered at the player Otani’s name ⚡ ←

At the last Hiroshima Cup they had a 2 out grand slam, my heart was beating quickly while watching😮✨

Congratulations, Maria (lol)

At the Hiroshima Cup Nippon Ham have 2 wins and 2 losses…

I’m interested to know what will happen…

See you ayumin❤

(Ah, this also has been converted from “Shi” (lol))



I’m super excited to show you all this Halloween website that my friends and I put together! You can make your own patterns and use them on the interwebz (or your phone/pc/mac/personalstuff/uknow/w/e).  ₍˄⌓⃘ ˳̫̬ ⌓⃘˄₎ค˒˒

Illustrations by: Leah Goren, Masuko Jo and me.
Nerdy talking to computer stuff by: LuckyDrop


I’ve been thinkg about a reverse personality AU, which means the love square is reversed… I’ll keep drawing reverse cuties, so keep track!

Also, reblog if you think a wet chat is also sexy af!! *autoreblogs*