Okay, so I went looking for a Youtube!AU and I couldn’t find one, which is a travesty bc a good Youtube!AU is gold.  There is, of course, @caprette‘s blogger!AU (which is my fav), but you know, I was just thirsty for some good vlogging.  

So, here’s what I’m thinking.  

For years Adrien’s done modeling and he’s always been fascinated by the makeup process.  He learns by absorption and starts his own makeup tutorial vlog.  The video that got him noticed was his Sexy Cat makeup tutorial, which is why he is commonly referred to as Chat Noir. 

Mari on the other hand is one of those quirky vloggers with their twinkle lights and whitewashes.  Most of her videos are “chats” where she talks about things like kindness, creativity, and positivity, though she loves to upload ukulele covers as well.  She’s been building up the courage to start showing her designs.

I have so many ideas for this AU honestly, Nino would upload music videos to his original songs, Alya is a conspiracy theorist and budding journalist, etc etc.

Stay tuned for more, bc I’m really excited about this.

(Also, if there is a youtube au that I’m unaware of, please direct me to it, bc i would love to read it)



I’m super excited to show you all this Halloween website that my friends and I put together! You can make your own patterns and use them on the interwebz (or your phone/pc/mac/personalstuff/uknow/w/e).  ₍˄⌓⃘ ˳̫̬ ⌓⃘˄₎ค˒˒

Illustrations by: Leah Goren, Masuko Jo and me.
Nerdy talking to computer stuff by: LuckyDrop