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Mark liked that sexy "santa baby" Kylie posted on Instagram ;)


Kylie ‘MP and I have great chemistry’ Bunbury and MP ‘thats my girl’ Gosselaar appreciate each others good looks and talent and I for one am here For It

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Mark liked that sexy "santa baby" picture Kylie posted on Instagram ;)

Okay I guess now would be the time for me to say this, and no offense to you anon I just want to say this now and get it out of the way

I’m super duper uncomfortable with real life shipping??? Don’t do that, like seriously please don’t? It’s super gross in my opinion.

Ginny & Mike are great. Mark-Paul and Kylie are not Ginny and Mike, it’s they’re job to play them. They do a great job and their chemistry is awesome. But they do that for a paycheck. They have their own lives, let’s not do this?

I honestly could not care less if he liked her picture.

Anyways yeah just gonna toss this out there right quick. I love Ginny/Mike I don’t want to ever receive or see shit about people shipping MPG/KB. Cool? Cool.


I find this very,,,very…SEXY