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Otayuri lovechild AU Otabek “Beka” and Yuri “Yura” Altin-Plisetsky

Meet the parents, our precious couple XDDD They’re both are in their 40s but still look amazing lol They love their kids so much (especially Yura, he won’t let a certain Canadian to flirt with his son, Nikolai XD) but they’re still cool as parents <3 


.the king and his lover~

after countless hours of drawing i finished this yaaay~ just spent 2 days on coloring… but i’m sooo proud of my babies~ *___* and yuuri with slicked back hair and glasses on… now that’s my kink! XD

btw this was inspired by the amazing @adreamingsongbird‘s fanfiction, The Rules For Loversit’s a wonderfully written fic and i cried my heart out on the last two chapters XD

i’m thinking about making prints from this~ would any of you be interested in getting one? :3

.please do not use without permission~                           


Sparkly crop top with high waisted shorts, thigh highs all while practicing pole dancing? Not bad~ xD and damn look at dat BOOTY
I keep seeing Yuuri in crop tops from @zephyrine-gale and I wanted to join in really bad, but my extra self went a little further with it with some canon pole dancing! 
I thought for a long time to give him stripper heels or not… I drew them but didn’t add them… should I do a second one with them~?


Anime Expo Day 1!

Today I met Kubo and Yamamoto at Anime Expo! (I cosplayed as a Pork Cutlet Bowl!)

After the raffle this morning and my ticket wasn’t called, I decided to stop by the signing so hopefully I could at least see them! Eventually they let anyone with a raffle ticket (given out by Crunchyroll earlier) in line! I was told there was no way I would get to meet them because the line was so long but they were amazing and got through us all in about 3 hours! (The signing was originally scheduled for just 1 hour).) All I wanted was for Kubo to see my cosplay and she said she loved it!!! The staff asked me a few questions about it and liked how original it was. Yamamoto even took a picture of me!!! You guys, we are so lucky we have such amazing people who created this show! They were so wonderful!!!


💀 Preparing for the Madness 💀 ahhh~ (=   w =) i wish i could have finished this one a lot sooner! BUT! here it is anyway! (o   w o) there are a lot of awesome headcanons out there for the time before Yuri’s skate! but, for this piece~ i like to imagine that Otabek was the only person in on Yuri’s plan, so they had to hide away somewhere to prepare! X3 hehe! i can’t wait to see the whole routine finally!!! hope you all enjoy this! (^   v ^)

When Mom almost found out !!!
  • Mom: Look at kids these days they earn online, blogging and traveling, but all you do is eat, sleep and god knows what on your laptop
  • Me: I have a blog!
  • Mom: Oh really show it to me.
  • Me: *sweats profusely* * last reblogged picture, Yuri and Viktor having sex*
  • Mom: I am waiting.
  • Me: I was kidding I don't have any blog.