sexy sadie

white album explained (part 2)
  • birthday: paul's that guy who's like hey happy birthday and the other person is like ? it's not my birthday and paul is like oh haha i thought we had the same birthday weird :^)
  • yer blues: john wants drugs
  • mother nature's son: the most passively egotistical song a person could write (until let it be)
  • everybody's got something to hide: john takes paul's hello goodbye how to write a song advice but the end product wasn't as good
  • sexy sadie: even the instruments are dripping with sarcasm
  • helter skelter: PAULL IS!!!!! INTO SERIAL KILLERS!!!!!!!! (i bet your parent(s) said that at least once if they've heard this song)
  • long, long, long: is anything playing hang on *turns up volume* oh yeah it's just long, long, long
  • revolution 1: so weird bc it sounds like past john writing to future john complaining about like bagism, or like a song paul would write when he and john were doing that cute back and forth thing for a while
  • honey pie: when the beatles' time machine breaks down in the 1930's, they need to use the power of music to save the day. written + driected by paul mccartney, executive producer george martin
  • savoy truffle: proof that chocolate is both sexy and scary
  • cry baby cry: rich people doing casual rich people things like painting a painting and holding a seance
  • revolution 9: become naked *crowd chants*
  • good night: really cute but kinda awkward if you're listening to the album at like 1pm
But John Lennon was not finished with the Maharishi. On the way back to Delhi, in a bruised little car that kept breaking down every few miles, he began work on a vengeful song titled “Maharishi.” He sang it for George after a long stretch of downtime in which the car developed a flat tire and the driver disappeared, ostensibly top seek out a spare. It had a pungent, assertive melody that gave form to inexplicable feelings. “Maharishi, what have you done…” George understood where it came from but was appalled by the undisguised lyric. “You can’t say that, it’s ridiculous,” he warned John. There was no reason why the Beatles should give the Maharishi a public flogging. It would ruin the man, Georg argued. It was completely inappropriate, nothing he wanted to be associated with. Instead, George proposed that John replace the Maharishi’s name with Sexy Sadie. Disappointed at first, John tried rearranging the names and laughed at the absurdity. Sexy Sadie - it was pretty funny, he admitted; it would be their private joke “Sexy Sadie, what have you done…”
—  George Harrison helping John Lennon with the song ‘Sexy Sadie’ from the book The Beatles The Biography by Bob Spitz, Page 757
  • He hums ‘Sexy Sadie’ at you…
  • Him reminding you to eat and sleep…
  • Lots of sweater thievery..

“Oi, Mrs. Lupin”
“Not my name, Pads.”
“Maybe one day.”
“Maybe you can sod off.”

  • Helping him through full moons…
  • Letting him play with your hair…
  • Baking down in the kitchens…
  • Holidays at his house with his mom, dad and dog…
  • Him sleeping over in your dorm…
  • Kissing your knuckles when you’re stressed…

“Seen my sweater anywhere?”
“Which sweater.”
“The sweater, the one I lent you yesterday.”
“Oh, hard to say…”

  • Your patronus is a wolf…
  • He cries a little when he sees it for the first time…
  • He’s doesn’t nag or push you but makes sure that you do your homework and turn in essays on time…
  • He can always tell what you’re thinking….
  • You draw circles on his shoulder when your thinking….

“Whatcha’ doin’ there, love.”
“Nothing, just wondering.”
“What’s that then?”
“Okay then.”

  • He thinks your birthday is October 9…
  • John Lennon’s birthday is October 9…
  • You get the moon phases tattoo on your left wrist…
  • He fills the common room with balloons the day after your birthday because he forgot the day of…
  • You refrain from throwing cake at him…

“I know I forgot, baby, but-”
“It;s alright, it’s okay. I’ve got all these balloons.”

Across the Universe characters with their Beatles song
  • Jude: Hey Jude
  • Max: Maxwell's Silver Hammer
  • Lucy: Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
  • Sadie: Sexy Sadie
  • Jojo: Get Back
  • Prudence: Dear Prudence
  • Martha (Jude's mother): Martha My Dear
  • Rita (Prudence's new girl): Lovely Rita
  • Uncle Teddy: Teddy Boy
  • Dr. Robert: Doctor Robert
  • Daniel (Lucy's 1st boyfriend): Rocky Racoon
tru beatle dork questions

I made this this morning because I feel like all the Beatles ask memes have the same questions. Fine to reblog! Also you can add questions!!!

  1. Which Beatle do you think would be your best friend? … why?
  2. Which Beatle do you think would want to date you? … why?
  3.  What year of The Beatles did George look most attractive?
  4. What year of The Beatles did Ringo look most attractive?
  5. What year of The Beatles did John look most attractive?
  6. What year of The Beatles did Paul look most attractive?
  7. Favorite album + favorite section or song from it (i.e. The White Album from Sexy Sadie to Cry Baby Cry)
  8. Do you have good play on words for anything Beatles, like the classic, John Lemon?
  9. Is there any Beatles meme that you like?
  10. Out of all of their solo career’s which Beatle’s solo stuff do you like the most?
  11. Have you seen all of Beatles movies? (I am not counting the BeeGees thing because, cmon man!
  12. How would you wish to meet John? (I’m letting you use time-travel on these ones)
  13. How would you wish to meet Paul?
  14. How would you wish to meet George?
  15. How would you wish to meet Ringo?
  16. Smut fics? (yes or no)
  17. starrison, lennison, mmcharrison, or mclennon? (+ any other ships I couldn’t figure what the names would be)
  18. Last time your cried about anything relating to the Beatles?
  19. Do your parents/guardians buy a shit load of Beatles stuff?
  20. If the Beatles were teenagers right now and had to fit a teen stereotype what would it be?
  21. Is there anything about the Beatle’s history that you do no know much about and would like to?

trashgoddessofbeatlemania  asked:

The White Album

This was very hard to rank some of them are too different from each other 

Glass Onion

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Savoy Truffle

Sexy Sadie

Revolution 1

Cry Baby Cry

Helter Skelter

Back In The USSR

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

I’m So Tired


Rocky Raccoon

Why Don’t We Do It In The Road

Dear Prudence


The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill

Mother Nature’s Son

Revolution 9

I Will



Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey

Yer Blues

Long, Long, Long

Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da

Good Night

Don’t Pass Me By

Honey Pie

Wild Honey Pie

Martha My Dear