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How Big Bang Fuck You:

Ji-yong (G-Dragon)-

I think he would be a very passionate lover. He would put your needs before his own. You know what that means! Lots of foreplay for you.

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He is the type of lover that would mostly say something like, “I need you right here, right now.” He would completely and utterly dominate you, leaving you at his mercy. He would do whatever he would to you, only if he knew it was what you wanted.

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After a few moments of sweet and endearing love making, he would go straight into rough and rough movements. Kiss would get heated. Skin will get flushed. Expect a few scratches, bruises, and hickeys. 

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I may be pushing the boundaries of sexiness with this piece… but I don’t care!

Funny thing, the Prinny is supposed to be in the classic female “spread legs, bend over, show butt and vagina teehee” pose… but Prinnies don’t have knees, or waist, or hands, or feet, or hips that allow for certain range of motion… it was fun trying to work that pose for a penguin on peg legs

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