Halloween Costumes This Year

America: A clown-Haha. No. Not this year. F’ that noise. He’s going to be the Flash. With all the new superhero shows out this was a hard choice. 

Canada: Well America was so insistent that he choose a superhero to match him that he decided he would: He’s Poison Ivy. She’s a hero to his nature-loving heart. (America wasn’t too pleased)

Italy: Is pasta. 

Germany: He had to match Italy. 

England: His costumes are either the half-assed effort of a college kid who threw something together at the last minute cause he heard a costume party had alcohol or some witty pun that kind of annoys you but is sort of impressive. This year he taped a sign to his chest that read “annoying” and said he was dressed as France.  

France: He likes picking from those “sexy” costumes. This year, America is hosting, so he’s the sexy Statue of Liberty. (What? He gave America the statue in the first place.) 

Prussia: Shiro from Voltron. Alfred showed it to him and he loved that character, after all, they’re both hot and badass. (Ha. He has to reverse dye his hair for that white streak) 

Russia: He’s a spider. And that seems really mundane. But it’s actually really freaking creepy and realistic. Russia always takes these things too far.  

Japan: Pikachu. C’mon. Pokemon go came out this year!! Japan still feels the hype. (And Sun and Moon are coming out) He has his priorities straight.