Tell Me I'm A Bad Man


Today there was an untamed fire lit in Gerards hazel eyes that seemed to but ferociously at the tension between the two. (Y/n) glared up at him from the alleyway. He returned the gaze, smirking smugly and swinging his bat repeatedly into his other hand.

“Well (Y/n), are you just gonna stand there and undress me with your eyes or are we going to fight? Too scared?” The cocky male teases.

“Nah your dick is too small to hide, you can’t even see it!” (Y/n) replies with a grin. “Come at me bro!”

The second the words leave her mouth the black-haired make charges in anger. Swinging the wooden bat at her, she narrowly avoids it, ducking under his arm and hooking her foot around his shin, tripping him. He falls to the pavement with a grunt, but before (Y/n) can rejoice he grips her ankl and pulls her to the ground, rolling ontop of her. (Y/n) struggles to get his heavy weight off of her small frame, elbowing him in the rooms with as much force as she could. When that fails to work she kicks him between the legs, which exerts a loud groan of pain from Gerards pale lips.

He lets go for a moment and she slips out of his arms. Suddenly (Y/n) and Gerard are standing again, facing eachother. The wooden bat was forgotten amongst the pavement and a small crowd of people cheered on the fight around the,. Gerard packs a punch to (Y/n)’s stomach while she isn’t paying attention. It’s jolts her back a but and she whips her leg up to kick him in the side. Unfortunately her balance fails and Gerard grips (Y/n)’s ankle, making her plummet to the hard ground. He straddles her waist and pins her hands over her head, grinning down at her.

“I win.” He declares another one of his asshole smirks painted across his face. Cheers erupt from the unruly crowd.

Gerard picked up the (h/c) girl by the collar of her shirt, and growled. “You’re coming with me.”

He grabbed her arm and dragged her behind the building in the alleyway, and the crowd went away within a few minutes.

“Why the hell did you pull me b–?!” (Y/n) began whisper-shout, and try and pry her arm away, only to be silenced by Gerard’s lips. She whimpered loudly, and felt her eyes shut.

Damn he’s a good kisser.

Realization then kicked it’s butt in, however, and she pushed him off.

“Woah,” she said. “You like me?”

Gerard smiled. “Yeah, I mean, you don’t try and let people complain or say shit about you.”

“I like that about you, and you have a nice smile.” (Y/n) felt her face turn a bit of red color at that. “And I want to be yours…and sorry for beating you up.”

“But, what if people think I’m weak?” She asked, her eyes scattered around.

“I’ll kill ‘em.” Gerard said.

“I’m in, then.” (Y/n) said, and attached her lips to his.

The simple kiss went to a wicked hot makeout session, and, even though his lips felt slimy, she loved it. (Y/n) felt him stop, with the lips attached, and released to look up at him.

“You ok?”

Gerard shook his head, and pointed down.

And there was a bluge in his pants. At his crotch area.

“Whoops… I did that didn’t I?” (Y/n) giggled.

“Ya… do you mind dealing with it?” Gerard asked.

“Sure, I’ll be quick.”

She dropped down, and quickly pulled down his pants, and pulled his under wear down, and revealed, well his dick.

“Wow.” (Y/n) giggled.

“You like?” He said, winking.

“I guess, I mean… its a hell of lot bigger than Bob Bryar’s…” (y/n) said.

“Well then give a nice blow.” He said. “Only not like the one you gave me.”

She smiled, and took him into her mouth, and sucked at it, and licked the head teasingly.

“Stop teasing, (nickname).” Gerard groaned, a swear escaping his mouth not so long after that.

(Y/n) kissed the head of his dick and then bobbed her head up and down on him, fast and  furiously. She licked him, his hands clasped her hair, she closed down on him again and he pushed her down further on him.

“(Y/n)… oh fuck…” Gerard moaned aloud. “You’re a natural, aren’t ya–fuck!”

His hips jerked forward and (y/n) bobbed a little harder, and he muttered he was close. He muttered a few swears and curses, and he twitched in her mouth and released. She let him release in her mouth and she swallowed him fully.

Gerard leaned back against the building and breathed heavily.

“Damn… thanks.” He said.

“No problem.” (Y/n) responded. “Wanna go out sometime?”

“Hell yeah.”