sexualization of women and girls

fandom problems

  • indie creators getting railed for “cringy” fandoms and people saying “i hope it doesnt get popular’, hurting their livelihood and income - when mainstream games don’t get this same treatment, and wouldn’t be hurt as bad
  • if an adult male character is sexualized then it’s instantly “cringy” and “onceler all over again”, while nobody bats an eye at sexualized anime japanese school girls
  • women/lgbt/minority creators being subjected to witchhunts for messing up once, meanwhile white guy lets players can make racist and ableist jokes but “im sure theyre actually good people”
When you interrupt a girl’s school day to send her home because her shoulders are exposed, you’re telling her that making sure that boys have a distraction-free learning environment is more important than her education.

Why ‘The Diary Of A Teenage Girl’ Is The Year’s Most Important Film About Sex

Teenagers are pretty pumped to have sex. It’s the reason they go to parties, the subject of every locker room conversation and definitely the most important goal they have before reaching high school graduation. At least this is the case for the boys, right?

That’s the prevailing narrative of most Hollywood films. Just queue up “Superbad,” “American Pie” and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” for proof. Dudes are obsessed with sex in movies and making that sex happen is typically plot point A.

But teenage girls are often left out of the narrative of sexual desire altogether – and are instead put in the position of defense. They must decide when it’s time to give up their virginity, usually to the guy who has been persistent enough that she finally deems him worthy.

“It’s damaging to both sexes that we don’t talk about sexuality as something we are both experiencing equally.”

Yeah I never got how ‘sex is a social construct’ could be understood in a Congolese context, since women, girls and babies suffer sexual violence because they have ‘female’ body parts. And thousands of Congolese women have had their genitals mutilated (not talking about the practice of female genital mutilation), breasts cut off and reproductive systems damaged by men. And the fact that ‘the destruction or the vagina’ is considered a war injury in Congo says a lot. I think, it would be really difficult to explain how sex is a social construct to Congolese people

Hijab isn’t empowering OR just between muslim woman and god. Hijab is as an concept that promotes rape-culture. I’m gonna tell you why:

1. The point of the hijab is cover your awrah (intimate parts of the body) only parts that can be shown is the face and hands.
2. Don’t need to cover up when you’re around women and male relatives; brother, dad, uncle etc.
3. “The men’s hijab” is different from women’s hijab, man’s awrah is only navel to knees also lowering their gaze is part of it.
4. Misogynistic god told women to cover up themselves because men are aroused by the uncovered women.
5. Sexual objectification starts when girl reaches the puberty, young girl’s body are made to seem like an object that needs to be covered.

“What happened to that young girl was R-A-P-E. Her uncles are R-A-P-I-S-T-S. Not a train. 

 Black males LOVE to say they “run trains on black girls” when in fact they RAPE black girls. The former (i.e. run trains) carries a social stigma onto the female. INFERRING that she was a LOOSE WHORE who CONSENTED to MULTIPLE males having their turn with her because she has an insatiable sexual appetite that ONE dick couldn’t quell. When black males CLASSIFY their RAPE culture as “running trains” the SHAME is placed on the girl. The boys are seen as studs. They should be called RAPISTS. To be a RAPIST is NOTHING to boast about and so they don’t…they simply reclassify what they do to take the STIGMA away and (judicial) CONSEQUENCES out of it. 

 Never should another woman classify the MASS RAPE/ GROUP RAPE/GANG RAPE as “running a train”. It takes the CRIMINAL element off of the RAPISTS and turns the victim(female) into a whore who “consented” to guys lining up back to back to fuck her; smutting her out. That is GANG RAPE. It’s FILTHY, barbaric, and demoralizing, It should be STIGMATIZED as such with the perpetrators(black male rapists) wearing their SCARLET LETTER “R” by being BRANDED as rapists. NOT someone who “ran a train”. 

99% of these supposed trains ran are RAPE. It’s either done through coercion, deceit, pressure, force, or when the victim is under the influence. Never a situation where the female actually consents and is GLEEFULLY consenting to have it happen as the boasters relay to others. Many times the female will like ONE boy, he lures her into a private spot, then HE decides to pass her around to his RAPISTS buddies to be SEXUALLY ASSAULTED. Then he goes on to tell the world she wanted all of them to fuck her. Other times the girls have mental handicaps or were already molested so they don’t see value in their bodies but never do these girls actually want to have consensual sex with multiple guys at one time. Notice for all the bullshit about girls loving trains, it’s never a girl who brings up the idea to a group of guys?”

 - In response to a comment about a black female child having her 3 adult uncles ‘run a train’ on her.