asked you: Hello. I’m sorry for coming out of nowhere but I wonder if you have seen any discussion on Klaine and how they defy or fill (or both) gender roles and heteronormativity. Thank you in advance.

Thanks for asking! I’m publicly replying so I can also turn the question over to my followers who may know of more sources than the ones I could find right now (I’m sure I have missed some good ones and I’d love t have them pointed out to both of us!).

Glee: Kurt Hummel, Heteroaesthetics, and Feminine Modesty (LettersFromTitan) – RM has written more about Kurt and Blaine’s gender, so check out the Glee tag on that blog.

How to make zigging look like zagging (TeileDesGanzen) – based on promo pictures of the scene where Kurt gives Blaine flowers on the stairs of WMHS

fey/fratty thoughts. Oh and boxes. And how we aren’t boxes (JudeAraya) + commentary (TeileDesGanzen) + commentary (mmmcookies22) – based on the making-out scene in “I Do”

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hello, sorry to be bothering you and free to ignore but i wonder if you could think of any blogs that post/reblog a lot of snk (especially manga: caps,meta, etc)? thanks in advance :)

they’re all pretty much multi-fandom but here are some of my favourites  (Ahhh I can’t think of any that particularly post just manga though sorry) 

 I’ll probably do a forever follow thing too soon.

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shh, think about kurt, the new kurt, confident in himself but still a bit shy and on a date with adam where adam, with his still boyish but mature attitude slowly caresses kurt’s cheek and kurt can’t help but gasp at that, his heartbeat going faster.

And he’s stuck staring at Adam who’s too busy watching the way his fingers slide down Kurt’s cheek, his thumb moving down to the cleft in his chin, accidentally brushing against his lower lip. Kurt only hears his blood rushing in his ears, his breath stuttering as Adam purposefully slides his thumb along Kurt’s lip this time, the skin tugging down and before Kurt knows what he’s doing, he’s climbing into Adam’s lap and gripping his face. 

Adam doesn’t seem that surprised and coyly looks up at Kurt. “It’s getting late but I’ve had a great time." 

Kurt drinks in how Adam’s looking at him, so fondly and so familiar, his hands sliding down Kurt’s back to cup the back of his thighs. He leans in until their lips are almost touching, a teasing distance, and softly says, "It’s about to get better." 

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now i imagined sebastian trying to watch superbowl and being pissed because kurt has his friends over and even blaine is all about beyonce and they won't stfu. sebastian is getting really irritated because kurt invited EVERYONE and even stupid adam who usually watches with him turned into goo in the circle of kurt's girlfriends admiring his abs. can you imagine? a chatting and giggling huge group of people and lone sebastian in hats and scarves trying to cheer a team sitting on a couch.

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you make it sound like stereotypically feminine gay guys should be made to cross into more butch areas. there’s nothing wrong with feminine vs masculine, kurt used to wear it with pride until they made him more into a “safer” boy now.

that’s totally a fair argument, i know what you mean and i actually would have agreed completely a few seasons ago, when it was just who he was and he embraced it. the problem for me lies in the way the SHOW came to treat it as unfavorable– Kurt can’t get a lead because of it, Kurt can’t be “bros” with sam because of it in spite of a friendship they clearly had in seasons 2 and 3, kurt and sam can’t sing a duet but blaine and sam can– not to mention that as the lines became more distinctive, they seemed to drop ANY signs of kurt partaking in “masculine” things, even though as i posted about earlier, we know he’s able to help burt in the tire shop and seemed very early on to even have a passion for cars. obviously, as you say, ithere’s nothing wrong with him NOT wanting to do these things, but they seemed to conveniently erase the idea that he even COULD or MIGHT. that said, again, the real problem as I see it isn’t their interests or presentation, it’s the way the rest of the characters treat them for it. it would be 100% fine if kurt were totally into stereotypically feminine things, and blaine were totally into stereotypicall masculine, were it not for the fact that the former is punished for it where the latter is rewarded. i hope that makes sense!!

sexualhummelberry said: easier to hate?

hahaha easier to feel justified in hating, basically. easier to laugh at, relieved in knowing chris and darren hate it too, but mainly because it’s kinda like, the worst has happened right from the get go, there’s literally no other bombs they could drop on me (famous last words i know, but really lol i’ve gone through every possible scenario in my head and even a wedding and kids would just be like (forgive the saying) a drop in the ocean at that point. might as well get it over with now so I can finally start to extract myself from the whole thing instead of clinging to whatever tendrils of hope i had like i did all last season. like tearing off a bandaid lol