I drew my version of the Matsuno sextuplets as girls.
Maybe I characterized them too much, to the point they don’t even look like twins anymore..? ahah
I don’t regret it though, I had a lot of fun interpreting their designs.

a fem!loki mix about cracked insanity, obsessive love and poisonous dreams.

part i. [another stolen relic, locked up here]: i. bravado - lorde, ii. one more time with feelings - regina spektor, iii. weight of living pt. 1 - bastille, iv. shadows of loki - brian tyler, v. let go - frou frou.
part ii. [i could have done it! for you! for all of us!]: i. patricide - hans zimmer, ii. devil's resting place - laura marling, iii. roslyn - bon iver, iv. smother - daughter, v. cosmic love - florence and the machine.
part iii. [you can smell crazy on her]: i. such small hands - la dispute, ii. i am a god (instrumental) - kanye west, iii. seven nation army (the glitch mob remix) - the white stripes, iv. killing time - infected mushroom, v. i can't stop - flux pavilion.
part iv. [“i wish i could trust you, sister.” “trust my rage.”]: i. becomes the color - emily wells, ii. lights (eyes remix) - ellie goulding, iii. breath of life - florence and the machine, iv. silhouettes - of monsters and men, v. death is the road to awe - clint mansell.
part v. [yggdrasil’s lost daughter or ragnarok’s reckoning]: i. haunt - bastille, ii. broken crown - mumford and sons, iii. bleeding out - imagine dragons, iv. the lannisters send their regards - ramin djawadi, v. everybody wants to rule the world - lorde. 

listen here