I drew my version of the Matsuno sextuplets as girls.
Maybe I characterized them too much, to the point they don’t even look like twins anymore..? ahah
I don’t regret it though, I had a lot of fun interpreting their designs.


I love the idea of f!Kak having legs for days and being really uncomfortable in the girl’s uniform. Like she tries wearing it for a few days but it just doesn’t feel right so she just goes straight back to the other one. also she totally has that ikeda-style tall, quiet, androgynous onee-san vibe im just sayin

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Any fics that has only one of them as a female

Here you go! :)

i had a bad girl in my room, tats all on her skin

you can be my lover, i can be your love

New Best Day Of My Life

just put your heart in my hands

a simple twist of fate

it’s just a shimmy and a shake

Love Is A Riddle

sparking up my heart (log in)

Make Me Get High With Just One Touch.

Because I’ve seen some confusion over it: Gender- and Sexswap are not the same thing. The sex concerns the genitalia, while gender is not determined by it. :)

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hc's of a genderbent zelink? :3c

✪  Link is one of the few women in knight training. She loved swords from a young age and wanted to help people, and despite being underestimated by many of the other knights in knight training, ended up one of the fiercest fighters! She ties her hair up in a loooong ponytail but it always gets messy one way or another

✪  The Prince of Hyrule is dealing with the backlash of a male being the one to receive the sealing power and it’s making him even more unsure of himself. King Rhoam wants to raise a strong prince to lead the kingdom, but the Queen made it clear that the prince would be the one to get the sealing power, since they had no baby girl to name Zelda. He comes off as quite confident around the people, is loving and caring and loves getting his hands dirty, but the King’s doubt that a man could have the traditionally ‘feminine’ sealing power bugs him and makes him feel quite insecure about it all

✪  Link intimidates him a little bit - she’s ridiculously striking with her piercing blue eyes and long blonde ponytail - and once she gets the master sword, Castle Town is in uproar, but it’s all celebration. That the chosen hero could be a woman is a revelation, and lots more young girls begin signing themselves up for knight training!!

✪ Now that Link is a champion, King Rhoam assigns her as appointed knight to the Prince, who is crapping himself out of nervousness. Link is quieter than she used to be since getting the sword and the Prince assumes it’s because of him, but as they adventure they become closer and very good friends!!

tbh not a lot changes and that’s because I feel like Link and Zelda would be relatively the same people even if they were female and male respectively?

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