anonymous asked:

lists of your favorite blogs right now? -i need some disposable blog to follow.

i haven’t updated my favorites list in ages but the ones i like and reblog most are

sexonpasta, twappy, ifyougoletmeknow, arousable, skvte, c4stle, explossive, skaterbro and p-uk-i

my absolute favorites are ccccool, amyrrrrrowe, casuallyinsane and twappy

dunno if they categorize as disposable blogs tho

anyone who’s been following me for ages should know that me and matthew would make the most perfect couple n you’d all be invited to the wedding as well awh n some of you would be made godparents of our 2 children :-) :-) :-) :-)

sexonpasta replied to your post: baby, you’re not fat. and you don’t look fat in your bikini, im sure! you’re kinda tall, and tall people dont look fat. unless you’re overweight, and you’re not, so i bet you’re looking great! and everytime i check your blog, im going to your face page. and im getting jealous every single time. your face is so flawless!:o don’t be so insecure sweetie!

omg don’t get me started on baby faces please :-/

omg what is with my baby face haha?