What awoke my feminist awakening is realizing how oppressed women are and have been since the dawn of time. We’ve always been second to men and will always be until we stand up for ourselves. I’m a proud feminist and will continue to be until the day I die. Women are fucking awesome and deserve so much more than we get. 

Well said! Thanks for writing!

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Imagine seb and chris answering any sexist questions coming your way, while you guys are being interviewed…

Interviewer: (y/n), how do you handle your love life and acting life, seeing as though you’re always either filming or preparing to film? *leans in and smirks* Or has someone in the cast caught your eye? 

Seb and Chris: *gif*

You: *someone hands you a mic* *chuckles not knowing what to say* …I mean-

Chris:*smiles at you* I wanna answer this question *grabs your mic* *gives a fake smile to the reporter* My love life is actually-

Seb: *leans into the mic to add* -Nonexistent! Chris is single and ready to mingle! *raises eyebrow at the audience and ‘oo’s and aah’s come from them* 

Interviewer: -Actually- I wanted (y/n) to answer that-

Seb: *purses lips* Can’t. (y/n) doesn’t answer sexist assholes. 

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I was never not a feminist. It never made sense to me why gender has any say in how ppl treat you or how u act; and it never will.

Sexism and misogyny are learned and passed down; it’s not natural. I agree, it doesn’t make sense.

What sparked your feminist awakening? Send me an ask or submit your story!

That moment when you realize Jasper cheated death twice (he was supposed to die after he got speared in the chest and he was supposed to kill himself in season 3 finale) but Lexa couldn’t escape a stray bullet and didn’t have any healers nearby to help her - the freaking commander.  #The100Logic 

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What's your opinion on racism within the LGBT+ community? Do u think not dating/having sex with certain races is a preference or racism?

Preference is slightly liking one thing more than another, this word has been taken totally out of context by white gays who want to camouflage their racially exclusionary “preferences” as something that’s harmless.

If race is a deal breaker then you’re a racist, it’s a simple as that. You can’t say you don’t find an entire race of people unattractive and then pretend it’s not racist. The worst part is when white gays act like sexual racism is the same thing as sexual orientation and they’ll say things like “oh, am I sexist because I don’t sleep with women?” The fact that they don’t realize how sexual orientation is innate and how sexual racism is a learned behavior that we pickup being raised in a racist society that places Eurocentric beauty on a pedestal shows how deeply this sort of racism is internalized.

I’ve made post about it before and it’s always a shit show when it gets notes because the comments blow up with the stupidest kinds of justifications for racism.

I’m getting really frustrated with Tumblr and it’s attitude toward history as a whole so I’m throwing my two cents into it. 

People who like history know fully well that the people that we’re learning about are usually really, really shitty. They were either racist, sexist, imperialistic or all of the above. 

HOWEVER, me learning little facts about historical people’s lives does not mean I condone their shitty actions. 

I fucking hate Thomas Jefferson and all he stood for. He’s a Macaroni fuck and I’d fight him on the street if I saw him. However me knowing and enjoying the fact that one time he was gifted a thousand pound wheel of cheese just to not let any, and I quote, “Federalist Cows” Have any, does not mean I condone his slavery and rape of Sally Hemmings.

When you learn about history you’re learning about everything, the good and the bad. If you limit yourself to ‘pure’ historical figures you’re going to have one fucking short list there buddy. 

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, one of the most vocal women’s rights activists of her day, was racist as hell 

Napoleon wanted to take over the world 

And I don’t even have to mention what Hitler did 

We learn about history so we don’t repeat it 

And fuck it, Learning that Thomas Jefferson had a murderous goat is fucking funny and I’ll laugh at it if I want to. Me finding a fact amusing does not mean I have sympathy for shitty people/condone shitty people. I just think it’s fucking funny. 

So fuck off and let me enjoy my history in peace 


I would just like to add that all this stuff about gender in Old Norse texts and such is very interesting (also suck it bigots!) but it is also important to remember that we modern Heathens live in a very different world and we shouldn’t go reproducing Iron Age conceptions of gender which are rooted in some really archaic sexist ideas.

There’s enough toxic masculinity in today’s society that we don’t need to add to it.

Although, all your favourite deities are queer and all the cool gods dress in drag.

i don’t even get zaulie stans… paulie has proven he’s a sexist trash bag. has he not? talking about clipping the women out of the game. talking shit about zakiyah. talking about getting rid of her and all the girls. cause he’s a fucking bro! like y’all like her with this piece of trash? REALLY?!?!?! if y’all love zakyah so much, don’t you think she deserves far better than him?

My Ghostbusters 2016 Opinion, and the future of the series [Spoilers]

I saw it.

It wasn’t THAT bad, the main problem was the director, Paul Feig. He did what he wanted, not what fans wanted, he insulted them and handled criticism very poorly (calling everyone sexist, meanwhile; Star Wars, with a female lead and a blackguy was received just fine).

There were a few moments that embarrassed me. Holtzmann, the blonde quirky one filling Egon’s role was a little too silly at times. I actually liked her unusual behavior, but I think she acted a little too “trying to be cool, cool - yet silly” There is a scene where she dances around the office, starts a small fire, and dances with an extinguisher before putting it out and I thought it was stupid. If they just toned her down a bit I think she would’ve been great.

I really liked her quick wit though; my favorite part of the movie was when Rowan, the main villain, asks them what form he should take, and she immediately tells him to turn into something stationary, preferably a target. Instead he listens to Patty (Leslie Jones) and turns into something cute and more familiar.

Leslie Jones’ character was alright, but she seemed to force her way into the Ghostbusters, it was quick and sudden and I thought it was weird. They’re magically BFFs then she gives these strangers a car.

Egon/Harold Ramis got a nice bronze bust cameo.

But most the other cameos were bad. If I wanted to see the original cast play characters that weren’t Ghostbusters I could watch any of their films. It’s also incredibly ironic that Bill Murray plays a character that hates the Ghostbusters. It takes a certain appreciation to truly appreciate it. Think about it, this trainwreck is partly his fault. Over and over he refused to be a part of a third movie, because he was being a jerk (once he went on stage in his GB gear at an award ceremony, for no reason at all). Until one day he threw out “it should have all girls!” Which, is a little divisive. On one hand we have the fans that don’t want what they love being changed (a passing of the torch to new Ghostbusters probably would’ve been the right way to do it), on the other hand there are people going “what’s wrong with it being all girls? It was all boys! Girls can do it just as good you SEXIST.” Paul Feig caught wind of it and ran. Interestingly, Feig asked Murray to be a part of it, and he didn’t show up until the last minute to play his short part, according to this interview with Feig. Bill cares so little about the franchise, I heard he phoned in his voice for the 2009 game (which is basically, canonically the third movie, I’ve been playing it with a new appreciation) and I think he lit these flames to trash the franchise on purpose.

The other cameos were sad. Ernie Hudson’s character comes in during the credits, complaining that they lost one of his herses. Dan Aykroyd is a cab driver that doesn’t pick up Erin during the chaos, he asks her what she’s afraid of “they’re only class 5 vapors” and that he “ain’t afraid of no ghost” then drives off. (How does a lowly cab driver know what a class 5 vapor is???) Sigourney Weaver comes in during the credits too, as Holtzmann’s mentor. It seemed awkward. New fans could care less about this scene, and most old fans probably hate it.

In the end after Abby and Erin get out of the portal, their hair turns white. Which isn’t explained in the movie, but they probably got that from the cartoon series. That’s neat.

As for the future, Paul Feig said a multiverse idea has been floating around behind the scenes, to connect the original series to the new one. And back in May they got the cast back to reshoot some (new?) scenes. I think it might’ve been the post credits scene that mentions Zuul. I don’t think the sequel will follow the original GB storyline, but maybe that’s a hint to hearing about the events in the original universe? Perhaps the sequel has Ghostbusters from that universe come into their new one, since Harold Ramis is dead it could also be a new team, but trained by the original - Maybe it even has Aykroyd in it, as their last surviving mentor or something.

Ghostbusters 2016 has a lot of issues, I think the cast is fine - it’s the director I’m mad at. But the main thing that bothers me is that this was a reboot, essentially undoing the original.

If they can link the two somehow, I’ll be okay with this movie.

Wow, there are so many arguments and so much trash talking going down in all the DC related tags. People bashing pretty much every member of the DCEU cast for being problematic, people defending the DCEU cast, people bashing ‘The Killing Joke’ for being sexist, people defending the killing joke. That SDCC hype and positivity was short lived, huh?

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I've always been against sexism bc my mama raised me right but i started looking into social justice issues when i was 11 bc a guy old enough to be my dad saying gross things to me on my walk to school

Creepy old men are the worst! 

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theres this person reblogging from us and adding typical unoriginal anti-sjw stuff to the post and I looked at their blog and im literally dying…fav quotes

“im a trans ally yet im cis my ex brother in law is trans and i fully support her DECISION to BECOME a transwoman”

“not all men are bad only like 4%”

“can you please stop being sexist [towards men]”

anyway, block @doge11111