sexist jokes about women

Conversation between a classmate and me:
  • Him: *Makes sexist joke about women's parking skills*
  • Me: *glares at him*
  • Him: What? It's true *laughs*
  • Me: A recent study says that women are in fact better at parking than men, I could send you the link to the article that talks about it, hopefully it will shut your mouth so I can continue studying without you annoying me.
  • Him: You are on your period, right? You all always act like that, always getting mad, are you going to cry now? You are probably going to get sad now because that's what you all always do when you are on your period, you first get mad and then you get sad and cry. *laughs*
  • Me: Are you describing a woman on her period or a man whose favorite sports team just lost? 'Cause I can't tell the difference.
  • Guy sitting behind me: *whispers* boom.
  • Him: *glares at guy*
  • Me: *continues studying like nothing happened*
Things Men Who Want To Support Feminism Need To Do:
  • stop watching porn
  • stop using slurs against women
  • speak out against these things
  • refuse to laugh at sexist jokes, even when no women around
  • stop telling sexist jokes, even when no women around
  • talk about women you admire (for non-sexual reasons) to other men
  • refuse to participate in “rating” women
  • vote for representatives who will make women’s rights a priority
  • when you see a woman being ignored or spoken over, say, “I think she had something to say, and I would like to hear it.”
  • give women credit for our ideas and accomplishments, make sure to voice appreciation for women’s contributions often taken for granted
  • stop asking women to do menial things you can do for yourself–example, Terry Crews got himself a purse because he realized he was always asking his wife to hold things for him
  • if you are straight or bi, educate yourself on the female body. read the Vagina Monologues, etc..
  • consume media with female main characters, normalize the idea of relating to and empathizing with women’s experiences
On why the witchhunt of Trevor Noah is kinda problematic

I am extremely disappointed that Trevor Noah, the South African stand up comedian who is to replace John Stewart on The Daily Show, upon some digging tweeted a couple antisemitic and sexist jokes and agree he should apologize.

But the way these tweets have become a scandal is perplexing.

While the tweets are offensive they are quite tame in the scheme of offensive jokes. As well as they were a handful found mostly 2+ years ago. Many of us made much more offensive jokes, I know I followed y’all 2 years ago!

But there’s also an inconsistency.

Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) said the n word for a comedic song.

Steven Colbert regularly uses transphobic slurs.

Misha Collins has made homophobic and transphobic jokes.

Amy Poehler did brown face in UCB.

Eminem regularly makes “jokes” about abusing women.

Louis Tomlinson made sexist jokes publicly to his girlfriend.

Chris Colfer has made many ableist jokes.

Chelsea Handlers has made racist jokes.

John Green has made sexist jokes.

Lena Dunham has made racist jokes.

Seth McFarland has made every jokes.

Daniel Tosh has made sexist, racist and rape jokes.

Steven Moffat has made sexist and homophobic jokes.

Tyler Oakley has made many racist jokes.

Jenna Marbles has made sexist jokes and did blackface.

Yet none of these white western comedians/celebs have risked losing their jobs or really even gotten backlash for it.

Things You Don't Say to Cashiers

“It’s not scanning? Must be free!”

“The money’s fake, I printed it off this morning.”

“You looked bored/sleepy, so I came to wake you up.”

“(On a holiday) How’s your (insert holiday here) going?”

“You should smile more.”

“It’s a shame you’re working, it’s a beautiful day out.”

“Oh, you were open on (insert holiday here)? I would’ve came.”

“I like (insert store name here) better, they have better prices.”

“(insert sexist joke about how women shouldn’t be working)”

“Oh, you’re fiancé isn’t a (insert military branch service member here)? That’s a shame.”

“DO YOU KNOW WHO MY HUSBAND IS?! HE’S A (insert military rank of husband here) THEREFORE I SHOULDN’T NEED MY ID TO SHOP.”

Oh that’s only the half of it.

I generally don’t mind sexist jokes. My humour is pretty expansive. What’s a kitchen joke among friends now and then, anyways?

What I do mind is the hypocrisy that comes from people in tolerating one side and not the other. I like to say that if you can’t take it then you shouldn’t dish it out. If you get angry about sexist jokes against women you shouldn’t be parading sexist jokes against men and vice versa. 

If you don’t like either, well good for you. Humour is subjective. Just don’t be a hypocrite.

a man: *makes a joke about women*

me: hmm this seems relatively innocuous, i’ll wait it out and see if it gets sexist

me, literally every single time after waiting for a period of time during which other men perpetuate the joke about women: ah yes. definitely sexist.