sexist douches

Friendly Reminder
  • Suki taught Sokka to quit being such a sexist douche, and how to be a better warrior
  • She escorted the gang along the Serpent’s Pass to protect them
  • Suki saved Toph from drowning
  • Suki helped nurse Appa back to health and prevented Azula from capturing him
  • Suki captured the warden and made the escape from the Boiling Rock possible

  • If Suki hadn’t come back at the right moment, Sokka and Toph would have fallen to their deaths.


You know what is so funny?

Whenever a woman posts something like wage gap, or how women are represented in the media, etc…

Some dudebro goes, “It aint a big deal, shut up.”

If it isnt a big deal…why are you fighting so hard to silence us? If it aint a big deal…why harass us so much, and spend so much time and energy railing, red-faced, at us? If it aint a big deal…why not just let us speak?

I am guessing that’s because…it actually is a big deal…and you know it….and you just wanna be a sexist douche bag

I have criticized James a lot this season because I absolutely loathe the Guardian story line and I find his behavior this season quite off putting at times. However let me make one thing absolutely clear. Even at his worst James Olsen is a billion times better then Mon El. James Olsen might take wrong turns at times and have some flaws but at his core James Olsen is an incredible,brave  ,loving, decent and noble man  In comparison Mon El at his best still remains a  sexist douche turd and no matter how much you polish this turd nothing good will come of it

The fact that they didn’t even bother to let Kara and James have a proper realtionship but just broke them up in the most incompetent and insulting way possible all so they can force Kara to be with Mon El is outrageous and horrible.


The lone witch (modern witches):

She cultivates herbs in mason jars by the window of her dorm, puts safety charms in her sorority sisters’ purses, thrown hexes at sexist douches she meets at parties, has a Tumblr where she reblogs witchcraft hacks and can always be found at the “Occult” section of the local bookstore.

Sass Battle (Yuri Plietsky x Reader)

“Hey! Hey! Hey Yuri!” Y/N shouted jumping around Yuri as he sat on the bench unlacing his ice skates after a long day of practice.

Yuri grumbled in annoyance.

“Hey! Hey Yuri! Shall I call you Yurio to get your at-”


“OW! You can’t hit me! That’s child abuse!” Y/N screamed grasping her crown as he scoffed and turned away.

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Our World - Jackson Whittmore Fluff

Request; Could I request a Jackson oneshot possibly please if you’re still taking requests and so on please?🙈 maybe like he’s a total sweetheart around her and she helps him keep calm and he does everything he asks/picks up on stuff she doesn’t ask for and does it and the guys tease him about being whipped and maybe smut at some point and he takes care of her and her taking control straddling his waist and so on please?🙈🙈🙈🙈

Warning; a small make out, and i guess jackson not being himself at all whatsoever really XD

tbh i always saw jackson as a bit of an asshole, sorry, but i think that’s because he didn’t have enough time on the show to fully blossom and have some character development and stuff, so this is not as you’d expect him to be, i think, and it’s also not as long as i wanted it to be bc i mean this is a long request.

Word Count: 1,309

I apologise for the quality



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brucesseventhward-deactivated20  asked:

omg yessssssss any and all Catlad AUs are welcome, my main one for a Catlad AU is if Selina adopts all the bat boys that they call her mama, how about you? can you share your headcanons please?

AHHHHH AHHHHHH AHHHHHH IM SO ABOUT MAMA!SELIAN RIP ME HONESTLY OKAY LETS GO (these got shippy at the end and im only kind of sorry)

catlad!tim is who i’ve been thinking a lot about so these will be all abt him, but tbh i may make another for catlad!jay because i love that too 

-i have an au going where tim’s parents die when he’s young. And he’s a smart enough little boy to sneak out of the shit foster care system and selina finds him living in like an alley way and takes him in
-but because of that she also calls him ‘kitten’ and ‘alley cat’ as little pet names bc she founds most of her cats the same way she found tim and it makes her laugh.

-catlad!tim is still very introverted by nature, but selina taught him how to use charisma as almost an intimidation tactic? so while he’ll flirt up a storm while out w/his mama as soon as he gets back to their place he’s like “i can’t believe i said that mom”

-catlad!tim also knows harley and ivy really well to the point where he calls them his aunts. Aunt Pam and Auntie Harley, they both adore him. (Pam calls him sapling and its the cutest) 

-since tim is surrounded by female role models he will literally kick anyones ass who tries to be a sexist douche. also a lot of muggers/villains call him ‘pretty boy’ and he loves that poor excuse of an insult so much he bought himself a shit that says it right on the front. he dares anyone to talk shit on it

-since tim was taken in so young. He and jason actually go up against each other a lot while he’s robin and they have a relationship that mirrors bruce and selina’s. but not the romance aspect just yet, they mostly just snark at each other 

-(this is my shipper trash heart I’m sorry) tim’s first kiss was jason. he’s seen selina kiss bruce to distract him and did the same to jason except they both just got flustered and jason actually ran away and tim still teases him for it

-tim takes it really hard when jason passes. Everyone does tbh, but they were both teens and starting to get closer and he wonders a lot about the ‘what could’ve been’ 

(I took a lot of inspiration from @raechoo‘s adorable catlad!tim art for this last headcanon bc its my absolute favorite thing and you should all check it out tbh.)

-when jason does come back he’s different. the pit changed him, fucked him up, and as soon as tim sees him for the first time he knows that’s not his birdboy anymore. and it hurts even more knowing that jason is back, but it’s not him

-jason gets better of course, but it takes a lot of time. He and Tim get in a bloody fight right when he first comes back. And right when Tim thinks he sees a flash of recognition in Jason’s eyes it immediately turns cold as he takes him by the shirt and hisses “the boy you loved died in a warehouse”

supergirl s3 premiere imp stuff: 

kara acting like a teenager with boyfriend issues shutting everyone out (lena, alex sweetie im so sorry) 

morgan edge being a douche sexist villain 

intro of Sam and some REIGN tease

LENA basically being there for kara and genuinely caring about her



Alex asking her space dad to walk her down the aisle and that was fking sweet

Cartinelli Thoughts #2

-Usually Jarvis is around to patch up Peggy but sometimes he isn’t and Angie gets real good at dealing with the blood. Peggy apologises incessantly, deliriously, and Angie won’t hear any of it. “I was pretty distracted in our girls-only home-ec class, but I remember how to sew at least.” 

-When Peggy is feeling playful, she rigs up two cups and a string. Angie really doesn’t know what to expect when she follows the note on the door to raise the cup to her ear. Peggy still chuckles at the way she blushed at the whispered “I love you”. 

-Angie is in trouble 24/7. Whether it’s some sexist douche-nozzle at the L&L attempting to feel her up or a lonely kitten in the rain, or forgetting the sauce on the stove because Peggy just got home and, “English! English I got the part!!!” It shocks Peggy at first, just how much trouble this Thesbian can get into, but she learns that it’s probably just Angie’s energy for life (and oddly enough that never seems to get her into trouble in bed).

-Also, the mansion is covered in strays. Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, plants… you name it, Angie’s picked it up off a sidewalk somewhere. And it’s not like Peggy can complain because she’s one of them.

-Peggy likes useful things. She understands that art, in all its forms, is necessary for a culture to grow and thrive, but it’s not really for her. Until she finally concedes to Angie and goes to an art gallery with her Thesbian girlfriend. Angie looks at art the same way she looks at cooking. It’s something you can learn from another (you can even perfect their ways) but you’ll never be a master until you can add your own flairs. Peggy looked into Angie’s eyes when Angie tried to explain this, and Peggy began finding art in everything Angie did. The way she walked, talked, hummed, waved goodbye, even winked in a dark room. Peggy very much appreciates the art that Angie shares every day.

-Peggy’s only been truly shit-faced around Angie once and Angie NEVER let her live it down. Because the prim and proper British agent has a Cockney accent when she’s really drunk.

People over use the term "racist" not only is that offensive to the person who is wrongfully accused of being racist but it also demeans actual cases of racism.

 So Dan’s apparently racist because he used an Indian (which it didn’t even sound like) to answer his phone. But this accusation of racism is unfounded.

Racism is a problem. Disguising your voice to avoid crazy fans and telemarketers is not. 

If you want to accuse an Internet celebrity of being racist, use Nash Grier- who is also Islamaphobic (can’t spell sorry), homophobic, sexist, and misogynistic. But using accents isn’t really racist

There’s this one scene in TNG where they all have to wear dress uniform and Worf is uncomfortable and says they “look like dresses” and then Riker, Riker of all people!!!!!!!! responds with “That is a sexist and outmoded attitude” and I’m just like…. every day I think about this quote and like. Riker. you’re the most sexist and misogynist douche in all of TNG why why WHY did you of all people get this line?? Why not Troi or Dr Crusher or literally anybody else??? 

Bakery AUs

Since I have plenty experience in the bakery biz, here’s some AUs for you (some of them may or may not be semi-autobiographical).

  • Another bakery opens up across town, so I go and check out the competition “discreetly” but then I forget to bring cash and have to pay with my credit card and the hot clerk recognizes my last name AU
  • Apparently I sound like a chick on the phone even though I’m a decent sized dude with a beard so every time I answer it people call me “ma'am” and one time in particular I asked the customer for their last name to put on the order ticket and he flirted with me saying “Awww, honey, I’ll give you my last name if you want” and now I am very uncomfortable because I had to wait on him when he came to pick up the order AU
  • (this did not, in anyway shape or form, actually happen to my brother. No way, nope. Never.)
  • You asked for nut rolls and I thought you said knot rolls and this happens every single holiday AU
  • I am so used to answering the phone “Jennie’s Bakery, how can I help you?” that when my crush calls I answer the same way and totally confuse him so he panics and orders a lemon pie AU
  • You complain that the gooey butter cake is too gooey and I argue with you in the middle of the store about the definition of the word “gooey” AU
  • I accidentally say “Have a Happy Thanksgiving” to you the day before Easter and you tease me mercilessly about it AU
  • There’s another customer being a horrible douche to me over misspelling her daughter’s name on the cake and even though we fixed it immediately she’s still yelling at me and you stick around after you pay for your stuff because you’re making silly faces behind her as she rants AU
  • You work at the bar across the street and you go home at 2 AM, which is the same time I get to work, so we chat in the alley every morning about the drunk customers staggering home AU
  • You ordered macarons and I made macaroons and you proceeded to give me a lecture about French cuisine when I went to a French culinary school AU
  • I’m a fourth generation baker, you’re a fourth generation florist. We have to work together constantly on weddings and I hate you oh-so-very much but our finished products are extremely popular with Bridezillas (whom we hate more) AU
  • You ordered a cake with a marriage proposal written on it and the next time you come in you’re super depressed AU
  • I’m sent to a baker’s convention and you’re the cute person handing out pastry samples on the con floor and you’re starting to get annoyed that I come over every time you get a fresh batch AU
  • You make a joke about how if you worked here, you’d weigh 400 lbs. and I’m so sick of that joke after hearing about it for five years that I snap AU
  • I’m new and I’m trying to maneuver 100 pounds of bread dough and since I am a tiny person I need  help from you because you’re 6'4” and can lift over twice that AU
  • I messed up a batch of bread but you eat it anyway to make me feel better and make yourself sick so you have to leave work early AU
  • We made plans to hang out after working the day before Easter but we both pulled 70+ hour holiday work weeks so we end up sitting on your couch eating cheezits and watching Cake Boss and falling asleep all over each other AU
  • I’m the only one who actually cares about your enthusiasm on the chemistry of baking so I constantly get in trouble from our boss because I sit in the back listening to your excited ramblings about the importance of creaming the butter before you add eggs instead of icing cakes AU
  • You took off work on a Saturday (again) because you said you were sick and I’m so mad at you for skipping work on the busiest day of the week that I go over to your place intent on proving that you’re not actually sick but you’re running a 103*F fever and half delirious so I end up staying and nursing you back to health AU
  • None of the women who work on the store want to wait on the sexist douche, a regular customer that we’re all convinced is a pimp, and one time he comes in and I’m the only one there so you burst out of the back, butcher’s knife in hand, to glare at him imperiously while I get him a dozen glazed doughnuts AU
    (this one is definitely inspired by real life, by the way. We do have a customer like this and my father will stand in the store when he comes in and watch every move he makes)
  • You’re  from another region of the country so you keep asking for things that I have no idea what they are (“Bismarcks? Isn’t Bismarck a city?!”) and you’re getting increasingly frustrated and then I just start messing with you because I’m mean AU
  • I totally lied about my baking experience when you hired me but you’re so desperate for help that you can’t bring yourself to fire me so I have to learn how to make meringue when I can’t even turn on an oven and I end up overwhipping the egg constantly and so we have to pull an all-nighter to get this huge order done together AU
  • I say we “ice” cakes, you say you “frost” cakes and we get into a huge argument while doing said action, much to the amusement of our coworkers. I win. You are irritated. AU
  • You ask me if I like the cheesecake and I say “YES I LOVE IT IT’S THE BEST” and then you call me on it because a week earlier I told my coworker I hate cheesecake so you’re trying to figure out what else I’ve lied about in order to sell the damn thing AU

So I just que’d with an openly sexist douche on Overwatch and he mained Mercy (so do I but he didn’t know that) and he heard my friend (who is a girl) on the voice chat and told her to go back to the kitchen and make him a sandwich. Now we’re both pretty in denial at this point, like “Is this guy joking? He’s really staying in character” but no he was completely serious and proceeded to call my friend a cunt, bitch, and all sorts of other things and the rest of my group and I started roasting him. Then he was just like “guys, don’t disrespect your fuckin healer” I was playing Reaper (and totally killing it tbh) and we were all shocked at the fact that he tried to hide behind changing the subject so weakly and dishonorably. We told him that he was doing a horrible job as healer (and he really was bad) and he challenged any of us to do any better. Oh, big mistake. I have a total of 75 hours on Mercy, and over a million healing points. Guess the fuck what, I went completely savage and got 18 solo kills as her and resurrected 9 people over the course of the rest of the game, five of which were all in one res, and on the last point that won us the game. That also got play of the game. Now at THIS point, we had kept roasting him for about 10 minutes and every once in a while, he’d come back on the mic and try to make some witty comeback but we just kept shutting him down because he was arguing a completely idiotic point of view. By the end of the game he was actually starting to cry and rage quitted. We sorta started to feel bad for him because of how badly we roasted him but then we’re like naaaahhhhhh the sexist bastard can go fuck himself, and his cousin.