sexist douches


The lone witch (modern witches):

She cultivates herbs in mason jars by the window of her dorm, puts safety charms in her sorority sisters’ purses, thrown hexes at sexist douches she meets at parties, has a Tumblr where she reblogs witchcraft hacks and can always be found at the “Occult” section of the local bookstore.

I have criticized James a lot this season because I absolutely loathe the Guardian story line and I find his behavior this season quite off putting at times. However let me make one thing absolutely clear. Even at his worst James Olsen is a billion times better then Mon El. James Olsen might take wrong turns at times and have some flaws but at his core James Olsen is an incredible,brave  ,loving, decent and noble man  In comparison Mon El at his best still remains a  sexist douche turd and no matter how much you polish this turd nothing good will come of it

The fact that they didn’t even bother to let Kara and James have a proper realtionship but just broke them up in the most incompetent and insulting way possible all so they can force Kara to be with Mon El is outrageous and horrible.

So I just que’d with an openly sexist douche on Overwatch and he mained Mercy (so do I but he didn’t know that) and he heard my friend (who is a girl) on the voice chat and told her to go back to the kitchen and make him a sandwich. Now we’re both pretty in denial at this point, like “Is this guy joking? He’s really staying in character” but no he was completely serious and proceeded to call my friend a cunt, bitch, and all sorts of other things and the rest of my group and I started roasting him. Then he was just like “guys, don’t disrespect your fuckin healer” I was playing Reaper (and totally killing it tbh) and we were all shocked at the fact that he tried to hide behind changing the subject so weakly and dishonorably. We told him that he was doing a horrible job as healer (and he really was bad) and he challenged any of us to do any better. Oh, big mistake. I have a total of 75 hours on Mercy, and over a million healing points. Guess the fuck what, I went completely savage and got 18 solo kills as her and resurrected 9 people over the course of the rest of the game, five of which were all in one res, and on the last point that won us the game. That also got play of the game. Now at THIS point, we had kept roasting him for about 10 minutes and every once in a while, he’d come back on the mic and try to make some witty comeback but we just kept shutting him down because he was arguing a completely idiotic point of view. By the end of the game he was actually starting to cry and rage quitted. We sorta started to feel bad for him because of how badly we roasted him but then we’re like naaaahhhhhh the sexist bastard can go fuck himself, and his cousin.

Things the Agent Carter fandom is agreed upon:

- Sousa is an adorable fluffy unicorn

- Thompson is FUCKING HOT with his jacket off and sleeves rolled up

- More. Howling. Commandos.


- Kaminsky was a sexist douche who deserved to die

- Like father, like son.

- Cartinelli forever


Knowing he’d only cause more trouble for himself if he stayed, the Crown Prince of Adarlan bowed silently and left his father, eyes gleaming with barely controlled anger

Throne of Glass, last line of Chapter 7, when Dorian’s Dad slapped him for back talking and forbid him to associate at all with Celaena, which made Dorian hang out with her just to show up his dad, which is how they became friends and how he fell for her which changed him from a womanizing sexist douche to a kind hearted, gentle and smol son human being

So thanks for that King

Cartinelli Thoughts #2

-Usually Jarvis is around to patch up Peggy but sometimes he isn’t and Angie gets real good at dealing with the blood. Peggy apologises incessantly, deliriously, and Angie won’t hear any of it. “I was pretty distracted in our girls-only home-ec class, but I remember how to sew at least.” 

-When Peggy is feeling playful, she rigs up two cups and a string. Angie really doesn’t know what to expect when she follows the note on the door to raise the cup to her ear. Peggy still chuckles at the way she blushed at the whispered “I love you”. 

-Angie is in trouble 24/7. Whether it’s some sexist douche-nozzle at the L&L attempting to feel her up or a lonely kitten in the rain, or forgetting the sauce on the stove because Peggy just got home and, “English! English I got the part!!!” It shocks Peggy at first, just how much trouble this Thesbian can get into, but she learns that it’s probably just Angie’s energy for life (and oddly enough that never seems to get her into trouble in bed).

-Also, the mansion is covered in strays. Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, plants… you name it, Angie’s picked it up off a sidewalk somewhere. And it’s not like Peggy can complain because she’s one of them.

-Peggy likes useful things. She understands that art, in all its forms, is necessary for a culture to grow and thrive, but it’s not really for her. Until she finally concedes to Angie and goes to an art gallery with her Thesbian girlfriend. Angie looks at art the same way she looks at cooking. It’s something you can learn from another (you can even perfect their ways) but you’ll never be a master until you can add your own flairs. Peggy looked into Angie’s eyes when Angie tried to explain this, and Peggy began finding art in everything Angie did. The way she walked, talked, hummed, waved goodbye, even winked in a dark room. Peggy very much appreciates the art that Angie shares every day.

-Peggy’s only been truly shit-faced around Angie once and Angie NEVER let her live it down. Because the prim and proper British agent has a Cockney accent when she’s really drunk.

Ugh, so I was driving this morning and as I’m coming through a green light some douchebag in a truck is getting ready to turn right right in front of me, so I give him a little, “Hey, I’m here! Don’t turn!” honk… annnnnnnnd he turns anyway and then slams on his breaks right in front of me, so I have to slam on my breaks. So I give him a “You almost caused an accident! Why are you slamming on your breaks?” honk and the fucker looks back in the mirror and blows me a kiss. I’ve never wanted to slam into the back of someone’s car for spite so much in my entire life. Ugh, ugh, ugh… men. 

yes, I disagree with Roosh V’s worldiew; yes, I disagree with Donald Trumps worldview; yes, I disagree with White supremacists‘ worldview.

But I also disagree with Lacy Greens, Anita Sarkeesians, Gloria Steinems worldview.

But I don’t disagree with their right to say these things, paint their narratives. That is freedom of speech.

Stop confusing words with violence.

I disagree with all of these narratives. That is in fact possible. Pushing the narrative as if someone who disagrees with feminism is automatically a racist sexist douche comes not only with an agenda as motivation, but is also simply untrue.

group hysteria and witchhunts endanger free speech, from all sorts of directions. In fact most of my examples on the non-feminist side are not against freedom of speech.

The side that currently tries to censor public speech is quite literally feminism.

If something happens with Roosh V - and this time he is not the asshole in the situation - just imagine how douchey the people are that are in the wrong here.